“I’m Proud of You, Jessie, Jr.”

jackson,+jr. Im Proud of You, Jessie, Jr.
So Jessie Jackson gets up minutes ago, and he says that he never intended to become involved in any sort of pay to play schemes when he visited the governor for 90 minutes to make his appeal to be a Senate appointee to Barack Obama’s old seat. He touted his own record and strangely expressed a concern about the controversiality of his name. He identified his legal counsel, touted his record, and stated the obvious point that the governor should resign.

At the same time, he shared a sensitive text message he says he recieved from his little sister, her saying that she was proud of him.

As “the investigation is ongoing,” he did not agree to take any questions at all. As he left the House Radio & TV gallery, reporters called after him, one yelling, “Sir, are you candidate number five?” Jackson was silent, and the press conference was over.

I have to admit, it’s difficult to imagine why Governor Blagojevich would have simply totally fabricated the interest of Jackson in pay to play in the November 10 conversation that has clearly started this whole mess. Might he simply have been boasting to Chief of Staff Harris that he might be able to carry that kind of influence? Was he simply lying about the amount of influence that he thought he could muster?

Perhaps, perhaps, it’s all just tall talk. But deep down inside, there’s just some part of me that doesn’t believe Jackson.