IRAN STATE MEDIA: Barack Obama killed Aaron Swartz

WASHINGTON – A full 16 hours before an Internet Chronicle writer would issue his dire, satirical indictment of unnamed conspirators for the murder of Aaron Swartz, Iranian state media was already on the case, hinting early Eastern time Sunday morning the Internet activist’s opposition to President Barack Obama’s kill-list targeted assassination program led to his untimely death, which a New York medical examiner’s office has unequivocally called a self-hanging.

This however did not stop the intrepid Iranian state journalistic apparatus from putting two and two together to make whatever it wanted. PressTV quotes the medical examiner spokeswoman selectively to leave in doubt if her office believes foul play to be at work.

Paragraph two of the ridiculous report:

Police found the body of the 26-year-old in his apartment in New York City borough of Brooklyn on Friday, said a spokeswoman for the city’s chief medical examiner.

The article declines to mention, as any responsible media outlet would, that the exact same spokeswoman also mentioned a cause of death. Mr. Swartz achieved legal persecution and fame in the United States for redistributing copyrighted academic material from JSTOR. The free flow of this type of information is wholly responsible for the economic rise of the BRIC — Brazil, Russia, India and China — the countries’ middle classes now burgeoning. Education is no longer confined to buildings in Western countries. Increasingly an education is available to absolutely anyone able to read text with an Internet connection. To further the human race, Mr. Swartz supported a greater equilibrium, a crowdsourcing of this kind of academic information. This threat to the status quo is why U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz sought his incarceration for multiple decades.

Monday government snitch Adrian Lamo took to Twitter to term comments on the PressTV Swartz article “new [and] experimental forms of weaponized crazy.”

Iranian state media is also responsible for other complete outrages to decency and media ethics, such as their headline, as seen on Google:

Israeli death squads1 IRAN STATE MEDIA: Barack Obama killed Aaron Swartz

PressTV tries to couch their attribution of the Newtown massacre to Israelis by attributing the claim to an “intelligence analyst” once one clicks the link. The analyst in question is a Gordon Duff, who expresses sympathy for downtrodden Palestinians in the same set of breaths or pen strokes that he blames the Israeli intelligence community for the slaughter of U.S. kindergarteners.

[The Newtown killings are] what [Israeli death squads] do in Gaza every day. It is what was done in Norway. It is what happened at Sandy Hook. Nobody buys the “lone gunman” story anymore, not with the Gabby Giffords’ shooting, not with the Aurora “Batman” shooting, certainly not with Breveik, and certainly not in Connecticut.

Gordon Duff 631x1024 IRAN STATE MEDIA: Barack Obama killed Aaron Swartz

PressTV “Intelligence Analyst” Gordon Duff

Indeed, for full disclosure, while Sunday The Internet Chronicle’s own Kilgoar also claimed that Mr. Swartz’s suicide was some kind of Putin-esque murder, it is worth noting that our publisher does not yet have the full financial support of a nonaligned movement nation. Kilgoar also never directly fingered for the death the president. The only American nationals whose liquidations Mr. Obama is known to have unilaterally ordered were the al-Awlakis — a distributor of al-Qaida’s English language Insight magazine, in addition to his two minor children.

The PressTV article insinuating Mr. Obama ordered Mr. Swartz’s execution sings this praise of the now-dead 26-year-old, how Mr. Swartz sought to thwart “corporate cartels” (such as JSTOR) and the draconian Stop Online Privacy Act.

Swartz was critical of monopoly of information by corporate cartels and believed that information should be shared and available for the benefit of society.

“Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves,” he wrote in an online “manifesto” in 2008.

Also from the PressTV Swartz article:

DemandProgress argued that the thwarted Stop Online Piracy Act would have broadly authorized the US government to censor and restrict legitimate Web communication.

Iranian state media do not hasten to add that, for its own citizens, the government of Iran censors millions of Web pages and that, even before getting online in Iran, Internet users have to pledge not to access “non-Islamic” websites.

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  • Some Guy

    Well, let’s step back for a moment. Is it possible that Swartz was killed for his outspoken criticism of Obama’s “kill list?”

    Let’s look for motive.

    Swartz has a long, rich history of releasing information to the public – he did it with Pacer, and he tried to do it with JSTOR. In fact, the whole concept of RSS 1 (which he invented) was to make it easier to take the information out of the presentation, to boil information down and make it easy to transport.

    Now he’s very outspoken about the kill list. It wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine the government worried that he would take his “information wants to be free” attitude and apply it to the kill list and the politics surrounding it. What if said “kill list” were to go public through Aaron’s efforts?

    So yeah, ok, we have motive.

    How about opportunity? Let’s be frank here – if the US Government, in its nearly infinite power, wanted to stage a suicide by hanging, there is absolutely nothing preventing them from doing so. There’s nothing in the evidence to rule out agents of the government breaking into Aaron’s apartment, staging his suicide, and cleaning up on their way out. It’s happened before, and it could have happened here.

    So yes, we have opportunity.

    Let’s look deeper – could it be that the government used Aaron’s well-documented history of depression as a cover story? Could it be that Obama pressured the Attorney General to heap on the charges until Aaron’s suicide actually started to make sense? That would certainly explain why the AG’s office has tried to throw the book on a guy who, practically speaking, barely did any damage at all.

    Look, I’m not saying that I think Obama killed Aaron Swartz – I’m saying that in the grand scheme of conspiracy theories, this one is actually not the most ludicrous one I’ve ever heard.

  • Teh Hangman

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