Jodi Arias dead from apparent suicide

Jodi Arias was found dead in her prison cell from self-inflicted asphyxiation.

Jodi Arias was found dead in her prison cell from self-inflicted asphyxiation.

PHOENIX — Jodi Arias was found dead on Friday in her prison cell as she awaited sentencing, amid reports of a strict suicide watch. The murderess, who slit the throat of her boyfriend, shot him in the head, and then stabbed him repeatedly, was found guilty of first-degree murder Wednesday after testifying that the killing had been done in self-defense.

Despite the watch, investigators believe she quietly hung herself using hair-extensions smuggled into prison. Her death and subsequent escape from justice has triggered outrage among family members of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander. “We wanted her dead, but we’ve been robbed of the pleasure of watching a lethal injection on closed-circuit television,” said a relative of Alexander’s who wished to remain anonymous. “It’s an affront to justice, and now my family will never be satisfied.”

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  • sam

    I can’t believe,she is dead as it is not confirmed.She doesn’t look like a murderers to me.

  • OJ Simpson

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  • Scott Peterson

    Jodi is so hot, and we have so much in common, We’ve been both kinda blonde and who’s to say it didn’t look good, I mean I’d totally kill to nail that bitch, I mean seriously. And If she would have done mine, I could’ve done her’s and none would be the wiser! We could be happy, inter-prison conjugal visits. Jodi – Ill wait for you , if you wait for me!

  • GTFO

    For being dead she sure looked good in court today.

    Take this bullshit lie down.

  • Kirko

    She has been dead since she was born