Kevin Ware brutally injured by Illuminati

kevin ware e1364791099661 300x266 Kevin Ware brutally injured by Illuminati

College basketball player Kevin Ware’s leg was fractured by the Illuminati, Sunday.

LOUSIVILLE — Kevin Ware, basketball player for the Lousiville Cardinals, suffered a brutal leg injury at the hands of fiendish Illuminati players from Duke. Diving to block a shot and influenced by some kind of witchcraft, Ware landed badly and his leg shattered at the shin.

Doctors say it will take at least 10 years to heal, and Ware’s career in basketball is practically over forever. Louisville has recently surprised fans by winning against high-powered teams like Duke, who are commonly believed to have ties to the Illuminati.

Ware, when interviewed by deceased journalist Frank Mason, said, “Man, fuck the Illuminati. I’ma get me some real doctors down in Cuba and be back ballin’ in no time.”

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  • erko

    Jesus is our savior and people who do that are insane and to even think that is sad. Its very crazy to see how society as a whole changes from long centuries before people will get hanged or killed for believing in these things and now its all like a fashion trend. This is no joke it is serious and sad. But when jesus comes down he will make them pay for the wrongful things that are being done.

  • I Hope God Bless You with More Blessings

  • Hi, Iam so glad Your okay God Bless you.

  • the truth

    okay…… kevin ware was cleared to play on October 4th 2013 so that ten years is a little to dramatic. being that the injury was brutal its not career ending. he will play this upcoming year.