McDonald’s allows employees in Denver to vaporize marijuana

marijuana 242x300 McDonalds allows employees in Denver to vaporize marijuana

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DENVER- Offices across America have begun to allow indoor use of “e-cigs,” the popular battery-powered nicotine vaporizers. Medical marijuana patients employed at McDonald’s corporate office in Denver complained it was unfair for them to now step outside, provided they use the same vaporizer technology for their entirely non-recreational drug-taking.

Critics are fearful that marijuana will become a “normal” part of American life, and this is just one more step down the slippery-slope to a nation of people who sit around in front of televisions eating way too much food while actually laughing at Family Guy.

Medicinal Marijuana patient and Human Resource official for McDonalds Sidney McSherron said, “My days at work sitting on the computer watching YouTube are just that much better now.”

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    • Jason J

      Although personally I’m pro cannibus I don’t buy the “God doesn’t make anything that can hurt you” theory. Poison Ivy? Indian Pea? Poison Oak? Apple Seeds? …

  • gump

    *Oops* McSherron

  • gump

    Is her name really McSharon or did McDonalds make her change it to be the HR Manager? McLovin this story! McThank You all!
    By the way, I think Employee’s should McThank every customer!

  • literate bastard

    Do any of you that comment back and forth proof read your comments? And for that matter, does anyone? I am a pot-head stoner that smoked for years, and it is a miracle herb, and if y’all really smoked it, well I can say no more. I was about to journey down that hippocritical road myself, peace world.

    • @Kilgoar

      I must have done something right because this article has attracted the FUNNIEST commenters. Take yer hypocratic oath and feed us some of those pacmen.