@ MUST #

The roughest translation of # is discussion or debate, but # goes beyond that. # is the ever-unfolding synthesis of opposing ideas. # has no teleology.

@ is a completely nonspecific pronoun. @ is plural, @ is singular.

@ is he/she/it as she/he/it exists digitally.

@ MUST # or @ will become static and “dead.”

Even with clever tricks, @ is never more than a gross approximation of # with a limited perspective.

An @ with much # is a conductor

An @ avoiding # is a resistor

“[@] must change from being a resistor to BECOME a conductor.” ~ Alrart

@ must #

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  • And why beholdest thou the meat poisoning that is in thy brother’s hemorrhagic colitis, but considerest not the sausage that is in thine own butt?

    • @Kilgoar

      STILL homophobia. Cycling through homophobia, wistful nostalgia, and ALMOST ALWAYS ANGRY. These are signs that #! may have taken over your life.

      • deer mr.@,
        you should realy work on your anti-intellectualism. your gross misinterpretation of quotations of world literature and calls for vandalism against works of art are more than worrying. is this official agency policy or a personal weakness of character? also your CAP addiction is something you have to work on. everytime i have to read that, i picture a screaming catweazle.

        • Bill

          dear mr. chip,
          you should really work on your intellectualism. your gross interpretation of nerd-speak accompanied by laughable self-righteous imposition.

  • :O

    Insane? Probably. Hilarious? Verifiable.