No, you should not join anonymous

Perhaps you have heard of anonymous. Anonymous is a hive of cyber-dissidents located on the AnonOps chat service. Speech, news, and opinion is thoroughly and strictly controlled. Anonymous claims that what it does is civil disobedience. However, ‘anonymous’ is synonymous with the fear of being caught in the act. Even their most influential leaders describe their actions as “information war.” Anonymous has been responsible for outages in video game networks and protests against the Free Expression of religious belief. The anonymous culture is joined at the hip to violent and hateful imagery. The words rape, faggot, and nigger are used in normal discussion as if hateful and violent connotations carry no meaning. Their spokesperson, Barrett Brown, has used homophobic slurs to insult our writers. The targets of anonymous “activism” are often innocent individuals. Anonymous has the potential for terrorism.

The Great Collective is a concept and not a group that can be joined. The term ‘anonymous’ was once used to describe the Great Collective. ‘Anonymous’ has since been corrupted to serve the leaders of the AnonOps IRC service.

The Great Collective is the Collective Voice of Cyber-Humanity.

I only speak of the Great Collective and not for it.

The Great Collective is decidedly non-violent.
The Great Collective commits acts of civil disobedience in the light of day and not like criminals in the night.
The Great Collective supports the Freedom of Religion.
The Great Collective cries out for a secure Internet where corporations are held accountable for privacy failures.
The Great Collective wants leniency for those who are victims of both drug addiction and cruel punishment.
The Great Collective wants a political system that is less influenced by Corporate interests and more open to public scrutiny.
The Great Collective does not crave an absolute truth.
The Great Collective is the effective truth.

Anonymous generally lacks the scope of vision to recognize the Great Collective. However, the Great Collective is very aware of anonymous. Anonymous troubles the Great Collective. Anonymous has done many things the Great Collective respects quite highly, and many things that it has found reprehensible. The Great Collective is the only power on Earth that can decide the fate of anonymous.

Do not believe the lies of anonymous. There has never been a need to censor others with DDoS or wear a Guy Fawkes mask. The Great Collective knows there is a better way. Do not join anonymous. Remain an individual. Help anonymous only when anonymous is willing to help the Great Collective.

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  • Anonymous

    The writer of this article obviously knows nothing about anonymous and would rather you hate them then understand them.

  • Anonymous

    Lulz. We need MOAR LULZ !!!?!

  • Anonymous

    anonymous is fucked up!

  • Vinoda

    Anonymous is perhaps one of the greatest achievements of mankind. It is humanity without leadership, brought toghether by the wonders of modern science and technolog, knowledge is our weapon, and anyone who is against free knowledge is an enemy of mankind. The fact that anon manages to bring to light the reality of liars and corruption among institutions is of great service to everyone. I’m not saying everyone in anon is peacefull, but at least they have managed to do what centuries of governments havent achieved: to unite the whole of mankind. where this will lead us is yet to be seen, but I would bet it will be better than whatever corrupt governments and institutions can and have done.

    • Inglip

      Absolutism is the lie I expose.

    • @Vinoda

      “I’m not saying everyone in anon is peacefull, but at least they have managed to do what centuries of governments havent achieved: to unite the whole of mankind.”

      You must have been adrift on your feelings for Anonymous, because this is blatantly wrong. The whole of mankind is in no means united, nor is it disorganized. There will always be a few outstanding individuals in Anonymous who takes the lead, because we lack the means of communication to foster and protect a single-level organization. Regarding “the whole of mankind”, well, this is pretty much self-explanatory. Take a look at the posts in here.

      However, I think Anonymous has a lot of valid points and, although some self-proclaimed members have acted wrongly, is challenging society with their propaganda and alternatives to the way mankind is governed today.

      All of that being said, what in the world is “The Great Collective”?

  • The publisher of this news post just wants to put you against Anonymous, so you will not be able to stand up for your cyber freedom’s and rights as well as political protest and freedom of speech.

    • Inglip

      I want to put you against what is bad about anonymous, so that anonymous will be able to stand up for your freedoms.

      I am Inglip.
      I have spoken.

      • Common Sense

        The idiots at AnonOps are only a fraction of the group (mostly new people and wannabes, with the IRC chiefs being the poor guys that have to direct this flood of 15 year old kids). If you think that’s all of it, then you must be completely ignorant, as are a majority of people as to how big Anonymous is, and it’s composition.

        What you are doing is simply promoting your ridiculously naive ideology, equal to the ramblings of a bleeding-heart liberal. I will go even further to question your sanity, as you seem to appropriate unto yourself a level of unwarranted self-importance, and refer to yourself in third person, using a pseudonym which I am pretty sure is that of a minor imp in Etruscan mythology.

        In short, shut the hell up and go back to whatever hole who crawled out of and let the REAL people do the work. Because clearly, you cannot.