Official English VDARE Sullies American English, Warns of Rubio Menace

WASHINGTON – Last month, columnist John Derbyshire talked himself out of his long-held National Review post by pouring napalm on the heated Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman controversy. Despite Mr. Derbyshire’s explicit, nine-year-old professions to racism – in National Review’s own pages, no less – National Review’s editor, Nick Lowry, expressed exasperation in response to Mr. Derbyshire’s claims. Mr. Lowry wrote a column washing his hands of Derbyshire’s last while on the job for NR, another column for Taki’s magazine. The Taki’s magazine blog header appears to fancy itself as worldly, as indicated by its playful cartoon of a debutante grinning, clutching her cigarette holder.

That coffin nail for Mr. Derbyshire’s National Review gig was a column written for his children, warning them to gauge their associations with ethnic groups based on what Mr. Derbyshire says are statistical averages for associated violence. Additionally, Mr. Derbyshire couched his advice to his children and other “nonblack” children in terms of the Murray “Bell Curve” arguments, which have seduced conservative columnists as mainstream as The Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan.

Reports nativist website VDARE’s editor, Peter Brimelow, Mr. Derbyshire’s racist readers will soon be able to take in the cancer-stricken author’s tomes on pages other than those of the National Review, such as American Renaissance and VDARE itself. Mr. Brimelow has played a key role in the American conservative movement, invited to speak at 2012′s Conservative Political Action Conference and, in 2007, referred to by the George W. Bush administration’s speechwriter David Frum as “a man of keen intellect, of real courage, and of surprising emotional sensitivity.”

In a call this month for funds for Mr. Derbyshire, Mr. Brimelow expressed surprise that the self-described “racist” was accused of racism. Captioning a picture of Mr. Derbyshire appearing on C-SPAN’s BookTV, even after his explicit 2003 self-identification in the pages of the National Review, Mr. Brimelow has written, “John Derbyshire, Interviewed By C-Span [sic] —Which Must Now Be ‘Racist!!!!’Too.”

Mr. Brimelow’s fundraising requests describe the way in which the editor says that advertisers on xenophobic and nativist websites face pressure. “Yes, the internet [sic; Internet] has made possible an alternative guerilla media—of which is very proud to be a part,” said the editor. “But, at the same time, it’s obviously enabled Leftist activists in the MSM to create and co-ordinate [sic] their propaganda campaigns—to unprecedented effect.”

Now, as Rick Santorum’s bid for the presidency has withered away, Mr. Santorum campaign’s stringent misogyny was a coded call to America’s anti-Mormonism, especially within the Republican Party’s die-hard evangelical Christian base.

Journalist Patrick Cleburne said, “Obviously the GOP Congressional leadership chose Rubio for this high-profile speaking slot – and very probably encouraged him to speak Spanish. He has previously been cautious about demonstrating ethnic particularism.

And in accusing Senator Rubio of “particularlism,” authors such as VDARE’s Mr. Cleburne explain the use of the Spanish language as a form of ethnic identity or endorsement, such as in this March 29 write-up on the senator’s statements on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate. Inappropriately hyphenating the nonmodifying form of “40-years-old,” the possible British infiltrator reporter, Mr. Cleburne, writes, “[Senator Rubio] is only 40-years-old and doesn’t particularly appear to be a quick learner, either.”

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