Pacific Ocean Heating Rapidly after new Fukushima Leak

Scientists are scrambling to come up with a way to neutralize Fukushima Radiation.

Scientists are scrambling to come up with a way to neutralize Fukushima Radiation.

FUKUSHIMA — A new study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows that temperatures in the Pacific are heating up at an enormous rate, due to another massive leak of radiation at Fukushima. Worldwide, citizens are reporting excessive humidity and rain which is a direct result of the rapid increase in the Pacific Ocean’s increasing temperature.

Nuclear Climatologist Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador said, “Even if no more radiation were to leak, we could conservatively estimate another 80 years of increased Pacific Ocean surface temperatures. Global humidity will not decrease until the fallout loses most of its potency in 40 years. There are no imaginable countermeasures to waterborne oceanic fallout that will not increase the already considerable strain on ocean life.”


Weeks ago, the Ocean began boiling around Fukushima. There is now too much steam to photograph the area.

Psychoanalyst Dr. Herman Stephenson said, “The Japanese have a symbolic fixation on both nuclear disasters and the ocean. It is unthinkable that any single sensible person would locate a nuclear power plant right on the oceanfront in a place where Tsunamis are so common. Perhaps the loss of World War 2 and the subsequent 70 years of a novel government guided by Western values has inspired an unconscious suicidal urge. Perhaps it was even a long-delayed conscious act of Seppuku.”

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  • bob

    Wat a load of crap !

  • Jordan

    Articles like this are socially irresponsible. I hate this website and everything it stands for, as this isn’t the first time I’ve read a completely falsified report from them. Keep your friends away from this site, and don’t pay attention to anything if you can’t find proof.s

  • imominous

    So, you monkeys still think you’re qualified to run the planet?

    If I were a religious nut, and I am not, I would say that humanity is satan’s bad joke on god.

    Just when you think you’re getting somewhere with all this, your test subject proves its lack of intelligence by crapping in the oatmeal.

  • Hong Kong Citizen

    There was sudden heavy rainstorm at 29-8-2013 midnight, and moderate but continual rain up to now in Hong Kong. I think this news was somewhat true.

  • Anonymous

    Absolute bullshit. Map is one published by the NOAA after the tsunami hit.