Patrick “Trick” Shouse hosts “$20 Tattoo Party”

ROANOKE, VA–Patrick “Trick” Shouse, the newest tattoo artist in Roanoke, is hosting a “Tattoo Marathon” at Ruxton Condos on Colonial Avenue this weekend in order to build up his portfolio and spread both AIDS and Hepatitis to as many local residents as possible. The event is advertised as tax and license free, which is why Shouse is able to charge only $20 per tattoo.

Shouse appeared in the following video which was used to advertise the tattoo party, mere minutes after purchasing his first tattoo kit.

Local tattoo fans stormed the Facebook page for this event, teasing Trick, who quickly became enraged and said, “Your [sic] stoners with caveman tools ripping people off,” despite the fact that he brazenly and openly vaporized marijuana while tattooing his ankle, possibly contaminating himself with deadly MRSA.

Despite the haters, Trick was able to afford a Master Suite at the local Cambria Suites, which had a “bangin” view of the Roanoke Star. A small pile of one and five dollar bills in the video attest to the fact that this extravagance only almost depleted Trick’s fat stacks.

Shouse and his twin brother scheduled a second event to address haters at Cambria Suites this Saturday at 2pm. Shouse can be reached at  540-425-0808 if you would like to schedule an appointment.


Investigators have found Shouse was recently released from a stint in jail, after being arrested for sharing videos of his graffiti career on YouTube.

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  • Meg

    I love this article

  • Wow

    I would probably jump off a bridge if I were a private investigator and my current “job” was investigating a tatoo party.

  • Kingprankster

    So, the logic here being that the hotel room is more sanitary than his own home??? I suppose they realized that by being such idiots and announcing where they live, they might get unwanted visitors???? Maybe, just maybe??? Much like having unprotected sex with a hooker, tattoos aren’t where you should go bargain shopping!

  • nice work backing up these shitty videos

  • Im a private investigator in Roanoke City, By law I have to inform you the activity on this site is being monitored because it will be used in court. I must furthermore inform you the creater of this forum/site/page has an IP address that is on record and will be used in court. Please use this at your own risk

    • By law, a private investigator is nothing more than a regular citizen, so have it chum

    • Thanos

      Pretending to be a private investigator is a crime. YOUR IP address has been recorded from your submittal. Furthermore the FBI and Interpol will be contacted for your federal crimes of posting this to a non us server. Also since you are now a suspected child rapist we will need to contact Roanoke police.

    • Please read the disclaimer before shitposting, shitposter.