Paula Deen commits suicide at 66

After a recent apology for racism, Paula Deen lost her Food Network contract and has now committed suicide.

After a recent apology for racism, Paula Deen lost her Food Network contract and has now committed suicide.

SAVANNAH, Ga. — Fans mourn the loss of Paula Deen, aged 66, who was found dead Tuesday morning after suffering a ruptured stomach. A suicide note was found by family members, which outlined her intention to eat herself to death and also contained many instances of the epithet “nigger-lovers.” This comes on the heels of a damning lawsuit which accused Deen of hiring an all-black staff for a “Southern-Style Wedding” and repeatedly using racial epithets. As a result of her honest apology, Deen was fired from Food Network.

Police say Deen ate “hundreds” of her own pre-packaged desserts which are sold at Wal-Mart and feature her face on the labeling. Investigators said, “We aren’t sure whether or not Deen suffered from a fatal stroke related to her Diabetes before or after her stomach burst. Coroners have said it’s possible that she first died from eating too much sugar, and then suffered the stomach rupture post mortem.”

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  • Jay

    This is unbelievable news!!! TRagic and a dead loss to all…


    A word is just a word…

  • anonymous

    I still don’t understand why people try to compare one racist remark to another. Unless your race has been hung, torn apart by dogs, hose down by water, have been disrespected on a level that is inhumane, because of the color of your skin! Than it would be extremely hard for you to take offence to it. Now, what this lady has done on her show is nothing racist, stereotypical? Probably, but a racist act? I don’t think so. Don’t take something small and make it into something big. It will just make you look ignorant.

  • Gayle

    this is in poor taste and poor form to falsify information like this on the internet about a person who is already having to answer for their mistakes. You aren’t any better than she is.. and for you to ridicule someone for their wrongs and mistakes, this makes you look just as bad, and actually worse. Unacceptable, and bad form.

  • Cynthia

    U shouldn’t be able to post someone’s dead when they are not!! It is awful and in bad taste!!!! I dnt get her cook books never did, but who really cares what she said she could call me a white cracker or white trash I wouldn’t care it’s just words… If she is prejudice maybe it was how she was raised cause she is very old… Some old people u can not change even if the world has!!! She should of just keep her mouth shut about that…