Sasha Grey: Racist

sashagrey 300x228 Sasha Grey: Racist

Caution: Sasha Grey's porn is only for people who enjoy overacting

Sasha Grey, famous ex-porn star, has come under fire for racist comments made during her adult film career. In this extremely explicit interracial sex scene, Sasha Grey uses the word “nigger” repeatedly, offending many viewers in both the black and white community.

“Ms. Grey’s language turned what should have been a racially harmonious scene of hardcore love into fetishized racism,” commented Al Sharpton. “It’s things like this, as Jeffery Dahmer said, that create violence in today’s society.”

The porn star recently read to students of Emerson Elementary School, setting a terrible example for our children. What if they look up her porn one day, and imitate her racial slurs? We need to think about the children.

“Yeah, I love fucking that Nigger Cock” ~ Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey has made no public apology to the black community for her slurs, as was expected from Duane “The Dog” Chapman and Michael Richards. Her callous statements have left fans flaccid and betrayed.

Sasha Grey is a supporter of Occupy Wall Street and PETA, and these shocking statements have caused these groups to distance themselves from the porn star. “Ms. Grey will not be allowed at our encampment until she apologizes for her statements,” said Occupy Oakland coordinator Brent McGovern, chairman of the people’s microphone General Assembly.

Sasha Grey may be going back to porn if she cannot bring herself to apologize for her outlandish, racist statements.

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