“Serious Discourse on the Internet”

12 comments to “Serious Discourse on the Internet”

  • That was like reading a column by Chomsky edited down by a team of retards (chronicle.su)

    • Exactly the kind of response I would expect from an intelligence degenerative, in-denial, self-deceiving, egocentric, anthropocentric, self-hating, self-worshipping, self-deluded, one “X” chromosome Neanderthal such as yourself.

      Humor is the best defense against fear. Use as much as you need to tolerate this intolerable reality you have created. That is what this entire rag is for, is it not? :)

      Want a little humor? You and Michael Moore, right now, are sharing a bed in a nursing home. Both of you possess the same male psyche. You could call it “The Manchild”.