Snowden: Agenda 21 Collectivizing Web due to International Abuse

newsnowdy Snowden: Agenda 21 Collectivizing Web due to International Abuse

Snowden says CryptoParty factions will shut the Internet down if they do not allow U.N. collectivization under Agenda 21

MOSCOW, Russia – Yet more evidence of an inescapable worldwide menace of Gestapo-like Nazi surveillance undertaken by every major corporation and government was brought forth Thursday, shortly after Edward Snowden was granted asylum in Russia.

In a closed conference, Snowden stated, “The Global CryptoParty has been using encrypted communications, made possible by the Internet, to arrange for a new order under United Nations law. All Internet communications companies and national programs are to be collectivized immediately under Agenda 21 to ensure an environment free of Great Walls and all-seeing eyes. This order has been secretly notarized by Ban Ki-moon and has already passed into law. The Internet will be blacked out by cooperating CryptoParty factions across the globe until the shameful apparatuses responsible for controlling the Internet have been removed and all available infrastructure is under U.N. service. Similar programs are to be implemented for education and insurance industries, and we will ultimately develop a military strategy designed to defend against extraterrestrial invasion.”

Sources claim Snowden was arrested and detained along with his WikiLeaks entourage. Public figures and the mainstream media have been slow to react, preferring to ignore this story entirely in hopes that the CryptoParty will not be able to follow through with their fantastic and unbelievable threats. U.N. representatives refused to comment on the incident.

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  • the serpent

    Must’ve been a slow news day, js.

  • EJM

    As usual; I find this article Doubtful ! AT BEST. EJM

  • Brie

    the aliens alliance of tri trance faction will stop all of this worrisome jabber and we must keep in mind that Snowden had already reached ascension and what we are dealing with now is a shell of ideas/ as for the entourage I think we all know it was mainly made up of ducks, and really how do you detain a duck when it has pyro kinetic powers. Please let us be realistic