Snowden reveals UFO documents after receiving asylum in Venezuela

Mantle Convection 300x157 Snowden reveals UFO documents after receiving asylum in Venezuela

According to bombshell documents leaked by Snowden, the government has long known UFOs to be a species more advanced than mankind.

CARACAS — Edward Snowden, the leaker of NSA surveillance documents, was granted asylum in Venezuela on Friday. With safe harbors in sight, Snowden was willing to share shocking and world-shattering exclusive secret government documents with the Internet Chronicle. Snowden’s testimony was as follows:

“The highest levels of government don’t know what to do about UFOs, and the official story that they are all merely weather balloons or natural phenomena have been clearly dismissed. If anything, these documents speak about UFOs as if they are surely guided by an intelligence beyond our own. As it turns out, the most credible and inexplicable sightings are of vehicles which have been spotted leaving the sea floor at hydrothermal vents and directly entering solar orbit. Because ballistic missile tracking systems and deep sea sonar are kept as state secrets, scientists don’t have access to data about these objects. However, most of the contractors at DARPA are sure that there is a species more intelligent than homo sapiens living in the mantle of the Earth . . . It makes sense, if you think about it, because that is the only place where conditions have been more or less stable for billions of years. Extremophiles may live at different temperatures than us, but they have been able to thrive and develop intelligence at a seemingly accelerated rate. That’s not true, because they’ve simply evolved at the same rate, but without many of the vicissitudes which set back surface life . . . The president receives daily briefings about their activities, but analysts believe their technology is so far advanced that we stand little chance of survival in any potential war. The general sentiment is that we are but ants from their perspective, so there is little chance they would empathize or attempt to communicate with us, and the current contingency plan is to detonate nuclear weapons in deep caverns to ‘sting’ the foe we have no hope of destroying in hopes it would discourage further attacks.”

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  • Brandon J Beatty

    As intriguing and monumental as this may be, we will need to see the actual documents or this story won’t go anywhere. With deception coming from all angles it would be horribly stupid to believe this article without verification. I certainly believe there is extraterrestrial life in the universe, and think it’s highly possible certain species have been observing us for time immemorial, but I won’t believe or share this article until we see the paperwork. It would be irresponsible and stupid for us to hold any credence regarding this supposed leak at this point.

  • Nasvietsdiy

    Mientras más lo protejan a snowden, más es capáz de soltar información, algun día se hará justicia por las violaciones de USA.

  • Anonymous

    Google … Hyperborea… Aghartha, Shambhalla and or Hollow Earth :)

    • Anonymous

      Hollow earth theory is completely bogus and does not even remotely stand up to any scientific testing, a race living in the actual mantle of our planet however is far more realistic and incredibly plausible, do some actual REAL research, i will say the one thing that put a nail in the coffin of that theory for me however, in 2004 (i think, it maybe have been 2006) the Russians sent a submarine to the exact North Pole (under the ice caps) and put a flag smack bang on the north pole under water. So where was this massive hole that was meant to go there?

  • tracy jo Jaco

    you can be an ignorant fool if you wish to continue to be at the cost of no one but your self…..for if you can NOT see between the lines and hear between the words you will remain in your own ignorance indefinitely…