Snowden unveils NSA Satellite SAURON Program targeting Citizens

Edward Snowden unveiled SAURON, a network of satellites capable of spying on the entire planet's surface and indefinitely retaining the images.

Edward Snowden unveiled SAURON, a network of satellites capable of spying on the entire planet’s surface and indefinitely retaining the images.

MOSCOW, Russia – Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who recently unveiled the NSA’s ubiquitous PRISM wiretapping program, unveiled yet another insidious, citizen-targeting surveillance system Friday afternoon, in a chat with Internet Chronicle reporters.

SAURON, or the Semi-Autonomous Ultra-high-Resolution Orbital Network, is comprised of a series of hundreds of low-orbiting cameras that can make out objects on the ground as small as 1 centimeter in size.

There are so many satellites in this network that they are able to effectively monitor the entire planet’s populated surface without interruption. According to slides Snowden shared, taken from the NSA presentation on SAURON, each spy satellite feeds directly into a data bank so large that it is able to retain the captured imagery indefinitely.

SAURON is also a reference to a villain in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, an evil god of discord who appears in the material world as an ever-searching eye.

Snowden, looking as if he hadn’t slept in weeks, spoke with Internet Chronicle reporters in the transit corridor of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport. In a near whisper Snowden said, “It is shocking that the U.S. government would appropriate such evil imagery for a so-called security system like this. There is little doubt that this program – I won’t utter the name here – is not concerned with the security of citizens, but rather, it is a bald grab at power for power’s sake.”

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  • Carl

    It might be interesting to note that perhaps 99% of all of the massive amounts of data being collected from sites like facebook consists of things like “Please like my picture of my doggie,” and “This is a picture of what I had for lunch today.” If Sauron is real (which I don’t doubt)it probably will die an early death from boredom.

  • Patricia Houghtalen

    Do you really think that only the US is spying. For goodness sakes are all you paranoid individuals screaming personnel privacy living in ya ya land. Any fool knows that the minute you logged into the internet, the minute you started using a cell phone , the minute you started having your groceries checked out with a scanner, the minute you started keep all your records in a “cloud” you gave up individual personal privacy. You joined the world to become miscellaneous information available in a random universe. Your neighbor can pay $10 and get access to everything you have done in your life since you were born. All these Countries that are shaking their dirty little fingers at us for “violation of the right of privacy” are monitoring us and their citizens everyday. You cannot detect and prevent terrorist attacks without monitoring and searching like a terrorist to find a terrorist. So if the government wants to monitor my little email wishing a family member Happy Birthday in an effort to keep me safe, have at it, I have nothing to hide. Snowden is just a nobody wanting to be a somebody so he decided to gain his minute in the spotlight he would jeopardize your safety, my safety and all our children’s safety. This disruption in our system of surveillance could cause our security people to miss a clue to a possible upcoming attack and that could result in many deaths. If that happens then this little weasel , this traitor becomes a murderer. As far as I am concerned give him not accolades for wanting to do something heroic for America , label him for what he is a traitor and a scumbag. Let them keep him in So. Ignoring him at this point and depriving him of the publicity he is so hungry for would be the worse fate you could wish on him. Turn off the spotlight and let him rot in the shadows where he belongs.

    • tttt9erfan

      Patrica, are you kidding me? Have you ever read a history book? Clearly, you have no idea how dictators come to power. Our Founding Fathers gave us a Constitution to protect us from this very thing. It’s liberty or tyranny. As soon as the sheeple willingly give up their liberties they are headed for tyranny. Our Constitution is there to protect us from the very type of gov’t intrusion you are so willing to accept and justify. While you except that the gov’t is okay to read your “wishing a family member Happy Birthday” I wonder how okay you will be when the gov’t tells you you won’t be emailing anybody anything because they no longer allow you to have internet access because you can’t be trusted to communicate anyway outside of the gov’t approved means. And if you don’t believe it’s possible pick up a history book and quit listening exclusively to the msm. One good history book will teach you more about what is going on in this country than you’ll learn from a lifetime of watching NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC,CNN,etc.

      • dave

        I agree 9erfan..Patricia, you have a lot to learn..First people have to realize WHY our government wants all of this info and control of American citizens’ lives. They know when you go in there and take a dump, but yet spent 10+ years chasing Bin Laden’s ghost through the mountains of Afghanistan,Iraq,and countless other places that we never even knew of, and they are still marching across the planet trying to gain control of countries.I hate the term conspiracy theory so let me back up and implore you to find “Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth” the website,(also on fb) . A group of over 1900 PROFESSIONAL Architects and Engineers. Just please watch their presentation of the scientific FACTS physics, and evidence.(I started following them a little over a year ago, and they were only 1500 something strong at that time)(Also there are the organizations “Firefighters for 9-11 Truth” “Military Officers for 9-11 Truth” and “World for 9-11 Truth”) So PLEASE listen to what they have to say, and then once you start seeking the answer as to why this war/LIE on terror was FABRICATED . You will then see why the gov is collecting all this info on you and me while trying to disarm us, and the need to destroy personal freedom and rights,and bring down the 1 major force who can stop this global land and power grab, and that force is WE the GOOD PEOPLE of America! Once enough are awake to these facts maybe we can get something done with it.Then you will also realize why they want this Snowden guy silenced…REAL bad.

      • asigsauer

        EXACTLY. Patricia needs to do some research.

        • Patricia Houghtalen

          My dear boy I know my history, I have probably lived through a lot more history then you have read. I say again without hesitation, when you logged onto the internet world, when you dialed up on the satellite networks you said hey here I am I have become a citizen of the World and the world starting looking at you probably just in passing seconds because you like me are probably too mundane for the computerized system to notice. History, I love and there are just so many versions. Many Dictators by the way came to power with the help of the U.S., including the dictator we executed in Iraq and then tied ourselves up in a ten year war going no place. I keep hearing Obama in violation of the Constitution and have yet to see one solid piece of evidence that supports this nonsense. History is like the bible, which version do you like, which version do you believe.

    • ahippynopmore

      Patricia, thank you for your post. I think that Americans are so in love with conspiracy theory’s. I attempt to find sources for materials I see on the web. The monitoring may very well be true, but its been going on for a long, long time.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, you are totally right on. I agree with everything you said. Someone with a brain that uses it. Good job!

    • shane

      lol so ur brainwashed and delusional

    • Anonymous

      You’re all quiet funny. Use your heads please. The American government doesn’t want a tyranny. It doesn’t need one. It already had more than enough control and power over us. And instead of trying to do anything about it all you people do is come on to the internet and QQ about your conspiracy theories. American’s as a whole suck at the moment. If you don’t like something grow up and do something about it.

    • Doctor P

      You are too intellectual. That is considered unsafe according to 66.3*2.11.1. An ambulance is underway. Questions are illegal.

  • I’m not sure if the guy is a hero or a traitor, but I believe he may be a capitalist with limited options, and his circumstances could make him desperate enough to make up stuff.

  • Smurfet

    Also known for many years do not make it right. I am one of those evil facially conservative people. I want small gov. Out of my personal business out of my life period. I want to keep my pay check & everyone to pay the same exact percentage of tax. I like fair tax or Cain’s 9-9-9 plan. I want to abolish the death tax & get rid of that menace Obamacare. The sneaky gov is too big & too corrupt. I loathe communist & I loathe Rhinos

    • Ruby

      I agree with you wholeheartedly !

    • Patricia Houghtalen

      Smurfet are you kidding — a Conservative that wants small government out of your personal life when today we have Conservativess almost daily making proposals and laws that entirely invade the private lives of people especially woman with horrendous intrusion worse then any Communist government and the constant efforts to force religion of their choice down every Americans throat. Never have we had a group of politicians more bent on intruding and controlling the personal lives of citizens then this Republican and Tea Party bunch of sold out lackies. If you think forcing ultrasounds on women is less intrusive then scanning of conversations for suspicious words you are brain dead. Be more concerned with the efforts daily by Conservatives to take liberties away and even going to the extent of one Republican Senator saying that they may even have to change the Constitution if they want to win future elections because they cannot seem to win in regular elections. That is the real worry, our American Taliban at work.

  • Smurfet

    Might be satire but I also believe this administration is up to no good. Even the stinking Egyptian people are trying to get thru to the clueless low info voters.

    • DebbyW


      I agree with both your posts. These people aren’t taught in school what they should have been, and I am thinking it is done on purpose. The govt does not want younger generations to know what they are capable of if things are not taught. This admin is BAD, and it is happening more quickly than I thought it would. If they were to watch “Coming to America 1 & 2″, they would see “who” exactly is being let in our borders. They all think we are mad because of Hispanics. Well, they need to wake up and go find out the truth. When the “day” comes, I will be ready, but I know for a fact they won’t be. No conspiracy theory. Just making those of don’t want to know, that they should be aware of the truth.

      • anonymous

        Exactly. He who controls the present, controls the past. Who controls the past, controls the future.
        History lessons in schools (except it is controlled curriculum)needs to include THE PEOPLE’S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES by Howard Zinn as well as a study of whistleblowers, who they are, why they decided to expose government corruption, how they helped the world, what they sacrificed to do so….