th3j35t3r brings the heat down on Wounded Warriors

UGNazi's leader: Dana White?

Self-styled “Patriot hacktivist for good,” th3j35t3r, has famously used his platform as a criminal vigilante to solicit donations for the Wounded Warrior Project. The Wounded Warrior Project came under attack early Friday morning from a possible Anonymous splinter group known as UGNazi, which insistently denies any affiliation with Anonymous.

Critics of th3j35t3r suggest that using such highly controversial and illegal acts of vigilantism to promote the Wounded Warrior Project is not appropriate, and most soldiers would not approve if they were aware. However, the Wounded Warrior Project has indeed thanked th3j35t3r for his support in the past, possibly unaware they may have jeopardized the safety of their own web presence by doing so.

Although the story is still developing, it is important to note that UGNazi did not, in fact, attack the Wounded Warrior Project’s actual donation page. Predictably, th3j35t3r has accused UGNazi of an alliance with Anonymous and has promised reprisal, as vigilante law dictates.

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