The Witch Craze

Interior of Hagia Sophia The Witch Craze

Wikipedia was allowed entrance into the sacred Muslim grounds of the Hagia Sophia, known in some circles as the World Trade Center of the Middle Ages.

Muslim armies pillaged, looted, and conquered their way into the edges of Europe. Muezzins cried from Minarets which towered over the Hagia Sophia, and there was no Christian soul who did not fear.

Tinpot Dictators in phony democracies across the middle east were falling to popular Islamic revolutions. The new governments would no longer suffer capitalist exploitation, and as the twin towers fell, there was no Christian soul who did not fear.

Everywhere in Europe, Christians declared they had no fear of Muslims, even though the very heart of Christendom had been captured. Muslims were fearlessly driven out of Spain, but the terrified continue to thrash about, even when all danger has passed. Newly converted Jews were made to confess of backsliding. Esoteric rural religions, traditions descended of the stone age, were associated with Satan and demonized. It was believed they gathered each year somewhere in Spain, covering the thousands of miles that separated their communities by riding through the sky on demons. Many pockets of such ancient cultures were completely eradicated at this time.

Everywhere in America, citizens let it be known they would not let the terrorists win. They would not be afraid because terror could be the only goal of terrorists. America declared it was not afraid, despite the fact that the epicenter of Capitalism had fallen, and several years of economic depression had ensued. The Taliban was fearlessly driven out of Afghanistan, and Al-Qaeda was all but destroyed within a decade. The terrified continue to thrash about, when all danger has passed. The public quickly decided Iraqi chemical weapons were intolerable and very soon Iraq was liberated and made into a cooperative democracy. This was, of course, just coincidentally incredibly lucrative for big American businesses. The long tradition of dissent in American politics birthed a new kind of popular activism at this time, and many computer nerds applied their skills to unearth the grim truths that Terror hath wrought.

I did what I did and ultimately history will judge.” – George W. Bush

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  • help e realize why we don’t just eat children and absorb their infinite knowledge ,… die you fuckers that think know stuff is your right.. be ignorant dam nit , the rest of us do it

  • i want to birth your babies, and then devour them for their superior knowledge and obvious amazing looks

  • The Taliban is as strong as ever in Afghanistan. America is actively turning it back over to them. I wonder which “war” comes next.

    • Are they? I read they were stronger than ever, but they’d relocated to Pakistan and now wield enormous power as de facto rulers in many of their cities.

      • Both are true. The civilians in Afghan villages will be nice to whoever’s in their yards with guns at the time. Eventually, that won’t be the United States. The forces we’ve “trained” there are weak and ineffective. They’re not even trying. It’s eerily similar to South Viet Nam and Vietnamization.