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victim Used As DirectedArticle Premiere on RVA Magazine’s Brand Spanking New Web Page
By Tyler Bass

RVA‘s new web page started up today, and the Twitter integration is quite, quite handsome.

From the article:

Although Mr. Gibbs flippantly jested he had not seen a Council of Economic Advisers’ estimate on the potential economic benefits of legalized weed, Jeffrey Miron, Senior Economics Lecturer at Harvard, estimated that the state and federal governments could benefit by $77 billion in total revenue from the responsible regulation of the derived recreational drug alone, the lucrative non-drug trade of its source plant’s derivatives, daresay excising the bloated, far more harmful racket of pretending to help the masses by putting nonviolent people in cages. Dr. Miron believes that President Obama’s simply bringing up the question, regardless of his contrariness, was a positive step. In our phone interview, he said, “I think by at least bringing the question up, he gave it some legitimacy. He indicated that it was a subject of interest to a significant number of people.