Veteran Journalist’s meat tampered with in home invasion

vicster 300x200 Veteran Journalists meat tampered with in home invasion

Veteran Journalist Vic Livingston has been systematically tortured by cell tower neuromodulations, but now home intruders are meddling with his meats.

INTERNET — Like millions of other innocent Americans, Veteran Journalist and relentless information warrior Vic Livingston has long suffered from cell tower based “neuromodulation” slow-kill genocide and torture. However, due to his continued fight for truth even in the face of such overwhelming power, agents have allegedly invaded his home and tampered with his frozen meats.

Vic Livingston said, in a post on his Facebook, “We continue to be TERRORIZED by home intruder(s) who invade our house as we are kept under at night by electromagnetic celltower radio frequency weapon neuromodulation attack. I just found back in our freezer the discolored meat that I threw into the trash last night. Neither I nor my wife did this.”

Understandably shaken, Livingston has few ways to fight back except by sharing the truth on social media sites. Livingston finds it a constant struggle to keep his story straight, as agents targeting him regularly edit or censor his comments and blog posts. How much of Livingston’s reporting is his own and how much has been altered by agents remains unknown, but targeted individuals would be well advised to keep an eye out for spoiled and discolored meat planted in their freezers by gestapo like home intruders.

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