Investigators suggest Whitney Houston murdered

tina 300x269 Investigators suggest Whitney Houston murdered

Whitney Houston

Los Angeles– Fans mourn the loss of Whitney Elizabeth Houston, who died Friday evening in her room at the Beverly Hilton.

Whitney Houston died from fatal injuries sustained after an apparent violent encounter in her hotel room, say police.

Whitney Houston was pronounced dead at 6:55 p.m. EST. Cause of death has not been determined by police. Sources close to the musician suggested Whitney Houston may have dressed like she was “asking for it.” She was 48.

Whitney Houston is survived by her mother Cessa Houston, who has so far refused to speak to media about the circumstances surrounding her daughter’s death.

Whitney Houston’s charity, The Whitney Houston Foundation For Children, suffered financial losses after rumors of Whitney Houston’s crack abuse caused major donors to withdraw pledged funds.

Houston’s tumultuous relationship with Bobby Brown was marked by rumors of physical and sexual abuse which has raised several questions about the nature of Houston’s death. UPDATE: TMZ is reporting investigators have interviewed Bobby Brown in relation to the murder of Whitney Houston. UPDATE: Click this link to find the truth behind Bobby Brown’s involvement!

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  • Ness

    Sorry to say but that’s not a picture of Whitney Houston!Its a picture of Tina Turner.Now if you can’t even put the right person up!Shame on you!Second of all this is just rumors! Innocent until proven guilty!Leave them alone and let Whitney’s family and friends mourn in peace!Remember for the incredible singer and beautiful woman that she was!

  • Bitchnigga

    Funny how the picture of Whitney Houston up there is actually Tina Turner

  • Anonymous

    That is a pic of TINA TURNER, NOT Whitney Houston!!!!

  • *…sits back and casually watches everyone pretend they were a whitney houston fan ….*

  • spookeasy

    First Demi Moore and her addiction to sucking on Coolwhip Aresol can, #WHIPit, and now poor Whitney get beats to death over a piece crack by her pimp Bobby Brown, it’s a sad day for us all. JUST LEAVE WHITNEY ALONE!!!!