Investigators suggest Whitney Houston murdered

tina 300x269 Investigators suggest Whitney Houston murdered

Whitney Houston

Los Angeles– Fans mourn the loss of Whitney Elizabeth Houston, who died Friday evening in her room at the Beverly Hilton.

Whitney Houston died from fatal injuries sustained after an apparent violent encounter in her hotel room, say police.

Whitney Houston was pronounced dead at 6:55 p.m. EST. Cause of death has not been determined by police. Sources close to the musician suggested Whitney Houston may have dressed like she was “asking for it.” She was 48.

Whitney Houston is survived by her mother Cessa Houston, who has so far refused to speak to media about the circumstances surrounding her daughter’s death.

Whitney Houston’s charity, The Whitney Houston Foundation For Children, suffered financial losses after rumors of Whitney Houston’s crack abuse caused major donors to withdraw pledged funds.

Houston’s tumultuous relationship with Bobby Brown was marked by rumors of physical and sexual abuse which has raised several questions about the nature of Houston’s death. UPDATE: TMZ is reporting investigators have interviewed Bobby Brown in relation to the murder of Whitney Houston. UPDATE: Click this link to find the truth behind Bobby Brown’s involvement!

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  • rw

    Are you people really that stupid? Bobby and Whitney have split years ago. He’s in Mississippi on a New Edition reunion tour and is nowhere near California. Her mother’s name is Cissy Houston, not Cessa. The pic is of Tina Turner not Whitney and there have been no reports of murder at all from the investgators on the scene who gave a press briefing. Please explain how you dress like you are asking for a violent attack. Outside of wearing boxing gloves and shorts how does that look exactly? Get the story straight idiots!

  • nig

    So I wake up to hear Whitney Houston has passed away :0 I thought she’d come off the drugs

  • Literate

    The picture is Tina Turner you idiot

  • Anonymous


  • This death /murder makes me think back to a song from a band I listened to as a teenager called 45 GRAVE. The song is called “I WANT TO %#@* THE DEAD ”
    And very suitable to how I feel fight now.