Selena Gomez dead at 19

selena gomez dead Selena Gomez dead at 19

Selena Gomez was pronounced dead at the scene of a fatal alcohol-related accident.

Los Angeles – Fans mourn the loss of Disney star Selena Gomez, who was pronounced dead in a fatal car crash Friday. According to police on the scene, alcohol is believed to have been a factor in the accident.

Gomez had to be cut loose from the wreckage of her late model Ford Escape Hybrid, which was tangled between a guardrail and telephone pole off Santa Monica Boulevard, authorities said.

“When I see this happening to kids,” explained LAPD’s Deputy Foster, holding back tears, “I wrench up inside. This is a tragedy. They weren’t even old enough to drink or have sex with me.”

Attorneys confirmed profits from Gomez’s new clothing line, “Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez,” are contractually obligated to absorb into Disney, which has outraged family members seeking comfort from the corporation which capitalized so heavily upon Gomez’s image, at the cost of her life.

The teen starlet, who just recorded a song with heartthrob Justin Bieber, was not alone in the accident. Two others died at the scene, however because they are not famous, and never will be, their names will not be printed here.

Uncomfirmed reports of two other individuals have surfaced amid reports Gomez was cheating on Bieber. Unnamed sources close to the couple indicated the two had “been having problems” but would not comment on the accident, or Gomez’s awesome underage drinking “problem.”

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  • A

    Yeah, cause her ‘ghost’ posted a photo on instagram like four hours ago.. This is not true! Can’t belive people that makes these rumors. Seriously.

  • anonomousfan

    omg you guys need to stop obssesing over this she is alive and well with a few cuts and bruises. People make mistakes and this is one of them. Im not saying it was her fault but honestly get on with your lives already.

  • Karl

    Shes fine i was hanging out the back of her last night, she looked ok!

  • Selena Gomez

    Hello my Fans, This whole thing with me dead is not true. I was in a Serious Minor Car Crash with a few cuts and bruises but I am OK so you do not need to worry about me and thank you for all of your kind thoughts even though LAPD announced that I had died that was a huge mistake. So please carry on with your normal lives and enjoy life.!

    Love Selena.x

  • gEE

    it is true its all over fb