Secret contact with intelligent extraterrestrials proven by leak, says Julian Assange

Wikileaks reveals Skylab encountered aliens

INTERNET — Julian Assange came forward with documents hacked from the CIA cloud database which prove “beyond a shadow of a doubt” that extraterrestrials have been in contact with the CIA since 1973, when one of their ships appeared outside Skylab.

During launch, Skylab’s solar array was damaged . . .

Algorithm Jamming and the “future” of art

There’s little doubt about it — except in this article’s fake linkbait title — algorithm jamming is the present stage of the world’s most popularly viewed “art.”

An inhumanly vast body of algorithmically generated nonsense exists and exposes you to advertisers, an entertainment industry completely devoid of any entertainment but the shred that exists in . . .




World on brink of nuclear war

This is it. This is finally the end. It’s over.

INTERNET — As Russian forces storm into Ukraine, strained voices in both the Kremlin and the Pentagon are clamoring for a quick and easy nuclear solution.

Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador, expert in ecological geopolitics, told reporters, “They’ve got their fingers on the nuclear . . .

Snowden’s Telepresent High Horse

Snowden, at a TED talk, inside of a telepresence robot.

INTERNET — Edward Snowden’s huge cache of NSA documents seems to be doing a lot to publicize the NSA’s incredible cyberwar capabilities, spread fear and distress among would-be revolutionaries, and cast a light of truth so bright on the government that it risks . . .

Fred Phelps dead, confession suppressed by Westboro Baptist

Fred Phelps’ shocking death bed confessional and secret sermon of love that got him kicked out of the “church of hate”

INTERNET — Fred Phelps was reported dead, Thursday morning, after family members excommunicated the founder from the very church he created. This comes on the heels of a secret and shocking sermon . . .

White man “systematically oppressed” by freedom groups

Rich white man “cannot take the oppression”

I’ve always cared about freedom, equality, and decency for everyone around me. Sure, I’m a rich white man who doesn’t even have to really work to get along, and I can see why women and people of color are bothered by my very existence. I can . . .

Snowden lands on board Malaysian Air Flight 370 in Crimea

Snowden lands at Simferopol airport on board Malaysia Air Flight 370

INTERNET — In a shocking new twist that ties together three popular narratives, NSA leaker Edward Snowden was on board Malaysian Air Flight 370 when it fell off the radar. Evasive maneuvers brought the flight over much of Asia at the dangerously . . .

“Practical Prepper” Achieves Full “Off The Grid” Status!

Practical Prepper runs homestead diesel generator on woodgas crossfed from his Ford truck.

INTERNET — Engineer775 of the “Practical Prepper” youtube channel achieved Full “Off The Grid” status Sunday when he connected his homestead to a diesel generator cross-rigged into the woodgasificator on the back of his fully functioning wood-powered 1968 Ford truck.

. . .

Fracking predicted to sink parts of Midwest into “inland ocean”

Thanks to fracking, the Midwest will soon become an inland ocean.

INTERNET — A shocking new study by geologist Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador shows that great plains regions of the midwest will sink into an “oily” inland salt sea, submerging areas from Detroit to Denver within only a few decades.

Dr. Troubador explained . . .