Why “Anonymous” is completely irrelevant

Anonymous refuses all definitions, yet a close look at their actions is all one needs to understand what they are all about. Anonymous is not a group of socially minded and technologically savvy internet users that want to change the world for the better. They are not a group at all. Instead, they are a loose federation of loud mouths and hackers who mostly want to make a buck or achieve the goal of inflating their selfish pride-albeit anonymously. In the most sophisticated achievement to date, Anonymous has managed to cripple and embarrass HBGary, a security firm that insulted Anons everywhere by infiltrating their IRC channel and figuring out the handles of those responsible for deployment of the LOIC. Not only is this attack childish, spiteful, and pointless, but it shows that Anonymous is most willing to use their potential for positive change instead for self-aggrandizing and meaningless pursuits.

As Iran continues to injure and kill protesters as in 2009, Anonymous continues to take down symbolic political targets on the web with their weakest tool, LOIC. The power of a symbol is in the attention it receives from the media and Anonymous has only been truly successful in these kind of attacks on Visa and Mastercard. It is hard to grasp and explain the Anonymous mindset because there are very few things that “Anons” have in common. Firstly, they are all internet users. Secondly, “Anons” choose to remain anonymous, but only in principle. The truth is that “Anons” assume the security of anonymity whether or not it truly applies.

I feel it is a wholly weak and pitiful trait of humankind that we must hide our identities to speak our mind or to take action. I believe anonymous is comprised of weaklings who take action in fear and would not do so if they did not believe they could get away with it anonymously. You are not brothers to protesters in the streets, you are cowards who sit behind computer screens and put your greatest efforts towards selfish pride instead of greater good. Hacktivist is too good of a term for Anons. That implies an ultimate purpose where there is obviously none.

Of all the facets of Anonymous, AnonNews is the most despicable. I’d challenge them to release their financial records but that’s not even necessary. Using PayPal, hated enemy of free speech, the owner takes donations and PayPal gets their dirty little share. Not only that, but they’ve gotten some cash from Military Recruiters. Yet no one seems to care about what amounts to blatant financial exploitation of the Anonymous phenomenon.

Anons are weak and pitiful for not holding AnonNews to account.

Anons are weak and pitiful for attacking HBGary when they could make a change that matters.

Anons are weak and pitiful for remaining anonymous.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
Expect us

Photoshopped to highlight what no one seems to pay attention to. See what I'm doing here?

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  • Anonymous

    Hi Kilgore,
    Good to see your still butthurt that people didn’t like your retarded writing in anonymous. good to see that once again no one gives a fuck.
    it’d be nice to see you do something more productive with your life. also perhaps you should try and grasp some of these concepts before you talk about it. good try faggot.

  • Reading that the tone of the article is hostile. Even if you tried to understand the anonymous mindset, that’s not the same as beeing in it.

    You got facts wrong.
    Questionable relevance.
    You make no argument to any point.
    The only thing you do is call all anons pussies.
    Saying that anonymous is driven by fear.
    It’s just a long misinformed rant.

    By the Chin of Abele! Stop Trolling!

    • Kilgore Trout

      To attack HBGary with greater force than has been used against any dictatorship or destroyer of free speech is proof that Anonymous has no higher goal or purpose.

      • Anonymous

        Yet again brotha – You don’t know what you are talking about.


        need i say moar?

        • Kilgore Trout

          HBGary is such a bunch of n00bs I don’t see what the big fuss is about.

          • Anonymous

            I think the fuss is that they have been exposed as noobs. Just like the cause they are trying to protect (wikileaks) is trying to expose information to the public.
            This just has so much humor to it that you, unless you have some serious brain defect, have to admire it. At least, I think that is the general consensus and the main reason you are getting so much flak in here.

            • Kilgore Trout

              It’s funny as hell. The sad fact is that it makes Anons feel great when really it amounts to a misappropriation of power. Anonymous could have real impact and sway in world events but resorts to what I see as childish pranks that don’t have a real impact.

              • Anonymous

                And this is why I said you missed the point. This is all they have. Period.
                This is the their power and how they use it, childish or not. I can hardly call it missappropriated. This was on their agenda at that very minute. And so they used whatever resource they had.
                One wields the sword one can swing. This is what a disorganised group can accomplish, apparently. Maybe, give it time, it will change. Maybe they will get organised (I doubt it, it would defeat their own purpose) and become something like *leaks.
                I do think, coming back to the original argument, they are relevant. They are a sign of these times and show us that the people are not putting up with some things, agreed some are in it for the lulz to much and fail to see social or political relevance, regardless or geographical boundaries.
                In this cyberspace people are seeking likeminded people are not limited to what political systems are subscribing.
                I see your point when it comes to the origin of this, 4chan, but I am talking about the bigger picture.

              • Kilgore Trout

                you’re extrapolating more than looking at a bigger picture. currently, anonymous is relevant to anons and wikileaks but not much else. should some pubic hair begin to grow, the bigger picture may be very different. on the other hand, HBGary is a perfect example of the irrelevant behavior of anonymous.

                • anon

                  you mad bro? what do you mean when you say anonymous attacked aaron barr with disproportionate force? have you even considered the fallout had aaron presented his flawed findings to the feds? aaron deserved everything he got and more, just like you he was totally clueless about what he ventured into. we are anonymous

          • slowpoke

            The fact that you consider HBGary to be noobs shows your ignorance. Setting aside Aaron Barr’s hubris, a lack of due dilligence in auditing their CMS, and jussi’s falling for an SE attack, HBGary was staffed with some of the top minds in the infosec community. Greg Hoglund, a noob? You’ve got to be joking…

      • Stop thinking you can controll everything. Anonymous is legion. Anonymous does what anonymous does. What happens happens. Anonymous is.

        I remember back when Anons were in the midst of the the war against scientology – trolls were trolls then to – Anons were powerless faggots who could never go after the big fish of government and corporations. That’s what the trolls said one year ago. Today anonymous is the same powerless faggots

        You just don’t get it =)

  • Anonymous

    lol why u mad tho?

  • Kilgore Trout

    AKA William Walshe

  • Anonymous

    This article is fuckin bullocks.

    Know what the hell you are talkin about, before doing it. Nothing in the “article” is actually correct – quite amuzing actually.

    Good day…