Why “Anonymous” is completely irrelevant

Anonymous refuses all definitions, yet a close look at their actions is all one needs to understand what they are all about. Anonymous is not a group of socially minded and technologically savvy internet users that want to change the world for the better. They are not a group at all. Instead, they are a loose federation of loud mouths and hackers who mostly want to make a buck or achieve the goal of inflating their selfish pride-albeit anonymously. In the most sophisticated achievement to date, Anonymous has managed to cripple and embarrass HBGary, a security firm that insulted Anons everywhere by infiltrating their IRC channel and figuring out the handles of those responsible for deployment of the LOIC. Not only is this attack childish, spiteful, and pointless, but it shows that Anonymous is most willing to use their potential for positive change instead for self-aggrandizing and meaningless pursuits.

As Iran continues to injure and kill protesters as in 2009, Anonymous continues to take down symbolic political targets on the web with their weakest tool, LOIC. The power of a symbol is in the attention it receives from the media and Anonymous has only been truly successful in these kind of attacks on Visa and Mastercard. It is hard to grasp and explain the Anonymous mindset because there are very few things that “Anons” have in common. Firstly, they are all internet users. Secondly, “Anons” choose to remain anonymous, but only in principle. The truth is that “Anons” assume the security of anonymity whether or not it truly applies.

I feel it is a wholly weak and pitiful trait of humankind that we must hide our identities to speak our mind or to take action. I believe anonymous is comprised of weaklings who take action in fear and would not do so if they did not believe they could get away with it anonymously. You are not brothers to protesters in the streets, you are cowards who sit behind computer screens and put your greatest efforts towards selfish pride instead of greater good. Hacktivist is too good of a term for Anons. That implies an ultimate purpose where there is obviously none.

Of all the facets of Anonymous, AnonNews is the most despicable. I’d challenge them to release their financial records but that’s not even necessary. Using PayPal, hated enemy of free speech, the owner takes donations and PayPal gets their dirty little share. Not only that, but they’ve gotten some cash from Military Recruiters. Yet no one seems to care about what amounts to blatant financial exploitation of the Anonymous phenomenon.

Anons are weak and pitiful for not holding AnonNews to account.

Anons are weak and pitiful for attacking HBGary when they could make a change that matters.

Anons are weak and pitiful for remaining anonymous.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
Expect us

Photoshopped to highlight what no one seems to pay attention to. See what I'm doing here?

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  • none

    your site is and your writing are equally disappointing

  • Anonymous

    you are in factual error.
    you present no facts to support your position

    Your rant is irrelevant other than it gives people another avenue to speak out.


    • Kilgore Trout

      How can I be in factual error if I present no facts?

      • Anonymous

        This is the first time I see you counter an argument. Keep it up, you might make your point some time.

        • Anonymous

          I said you present no facts TO SUPPORT YOUR POSITION not that your editorial did not contain any facts.

          I would suggest that the companies involved, with the full knowledge of the DOJ and Attorney General have engaged in a conspiracy to commit felonies to numerous to mention.

          I would also suggest that this tactic seems to be de rigueur within the intelligence field.

          for supporting evidence I submit 72K e-mails.
          you may find them here

          The easiest way to prove to wrong to to suggest that every criminal investigative agency in the U.S and E.U. is spending millions of dollars to find these guys. That is not being irrelevant.

          Now I will say this, I don’t agree with releasing the personal e-mails and information of those involved. That was counter productive to the long term.
          But, that is Anon and it’s their show. They are serious but they want some LOLZ for the effort.

          You have either missed the point, refuse to see the point or can’t see the big picture.

          Thank you for your platform for me to voice my opinion.

          • Kilgore Trout

            it’s you who can’t see the big picture. HBGary provided Anons with some lulz, but you really think they were a threat to Anonymous or Wikileaks? they can’t even watch their own rear ends. go pick a real target and unleash the same kind of hell. i’d like to see that.

            • Anonymous

              i hope you realize that Anonymous is no one trick pony. do some research and visit the IRC server; i did for the first time today. what i found was many channels devoted to numerous operations. just today i witnessed the shut down of the Iranian parliament web site in response to the brutal crackdown on protesters in that country.

              its not just about wikileaks and HBGary, its about the current sate of the world. if you can’t see that please get off the internet.

              get your facts straight. do some investigation. and stop ripping off Kurt Vonnegut, you do your adopted name no justice.

              • Kilgore Trout

                anonymous has little relevance to outsiders, at least in america. in america you are hacker-demons that fox news invokes to get a lot of web traffic and stir up fear. shutting down a web site is a symbolic act and carries very little relevance when it is overshadowed by the stories about the hacking of HBGary, which i think was complete folly. this is an opinion that anons do not believe i have a right to. as the first anon in hundreds if not thousands to recognize my pseudonym, i think you deserve a fair debate. i have visited the irc server (not recently), i have read some of the emails leaked from hbgary, but i wasn’t aware that the iranian parliament had their web site taken down. however, i don’t think any of this validates or invalidates my central argument whatsoever. i need not be aware of every detail of anonymous’ inner mechanisms to criticize. as an outsider, i have a very different point of view that is no less valid or even less informed. my sources are simply more representative of a non-anon. arguments like yours reek of elitism and snobbery, and speak to my core thesis: you aren’t relevant except to yourselves.

            • That Guy

              I’m not your soldier.

  • Anonymous

    This guy missed the point completely. One has to admit that many followers of this ‘movement’ are indeed in it for the thrills (lulz) and are probably in their teens and, indeed, might not understand completely what they are supporting or oversee the ramifications of their actions.
    But the rise of such a movement was inevitable. Give a voice to the people and you will hear it’s opinion, give it a medium like the internet and even more interesting things will happen. I see it as an inevitability that likeminded people would group in the most democratic of ways and coordinate their actions accordingly. No powerstructure, very short (albeit covert) communication lines and participation is completely voluntary. Actions will obviously be proposed and will spawn from such a fruitful primordial soup of individual ideas.

    • Kilgore Trout

      Congratulations, you are building upon the successes of 4chan’s childish pranks.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe that is how it started out. But you can’t call Wikileaks a childish prank. Wikileaks is one of those ideas that spawned from this. When information becomes more available, and you can’t deny that is one of the main accomplishments of the coming of age of the internet, dissatisfaction had to have these effects. And yeah, sure, some will be childish while other will be a severe shock to the system.

        • Anonymous

          I can’t edit my reply, so I will just add a comment. I didn’t mean to say Wikileaks spawned from Anonymous. I meant to say it spawned from this pool of opportunities. Meaning they availabilty of information and the tools the internet provide.

          • Anonymous

            I love it when i correct myself before i go to correct myself.

            we are Anonymous
            we are Legion

            all people of the earth deserve freedom
            information is the key to that freedom
            therefore, the liberation of information is essentially the liberation of humanity
            why do you hate freedom, Kilgore Trout?

            i find it repugnant that you use that name. do you simply think it sounds cool? did someone else you know use it first? I’m sure Mr. Vonnegut would find everything you spout adds up to a giant granfalloon.


            • Kilgore Trout

              i think you’ve mixed up foma with granfalloon, but whatever. speak for yourself, and not for a dead author. i do not hate anonymous, i just criticize it. i am only voicing my own ideas, why would you hate an idea?

        • This Guy

          Information belongs to no one.

      • Kilgore Trout

        Perhaps 4chan is like a middle school prankster, and Anonymous is like a high school kid who’s trying to do things in the name of good but can’t quite get it right yet. HBGary turned out to be conspiring against Wikileaks and Anonymous but it should be apparent that no entity, not even the US government, poses a real threat to either. I don’t hate Anonymous, I want to love it, I just want people to think about what they’re really doing. If I have to troll a little to make it so, I’m oh so sorry (not).

        • Anonymous

          The posing of a threat or the lack thereof, I doubt, seriously. But this is besides the point.
          The point I was trying to make is that all this, Wikileaks, Openleaks, Anon and the likes, are all obvious result of the changes in the media landscape. The media and communication tools falling in the hands of the people. Young people perhaps, but I think most will have the right to vote.
          FYI I am certainly not pro Anonymous, I am just watching them with great interest. They are truely a sign of the time.

        • That Guy

          “HBGary turned out to be conspiring against Wikileaks and Anonymous but it should be apparent that no entity, not even the US government, poses a real threat to either.”

          Say that when the party van comes knocking.

  • Known Person

    At least this is a great new target for anons … Good luck ! :)

    • Kilgore Trout

      the fact that anyone would ever consider using anonymous to target and destroy an idea is proof of my argument.

      • Anonymous

        You simply don’t understand the whole concept of Anonymous and trolling – My god— actually try to know the stuff you are “writing” about!

  • Known Person

    I’ve never seen something so stupid …
    I think you just forgot to go to school. Sooooo dumb !!!