Th3j35t3r’s 9/11 terror spree

In th3j35t3r’s constant struggle against Jihadists, he has grown increasingly similar to his most hated enemies. By committing several terror attacks on 9/11, he has become more like Al-Qaeda than ever before. But is it going too far to call th3j35t3r’s attacks terrorism? As a recent victim of an attack by th3j35t3r, Chronicle.SU is of the opinion that th3j35t3r is indeed a terrorist. He was quick to publish our personal details in the hopes that it would scare us into submission. By this action alone, th3j35t3r definitely fits the most basic definition for terrorist.

Recently identified as a possible astroturf campaign, th3j35t3r has fought hard against allegations that he uses a botnet. While several stories have been planted in the press promoting his denial of botnet ownership, such claims rely completely on th3je5t3r’s word – the word of a law-breaking anonymous vigilante. Curiously, he refuses to release the software which enables such remarkable attacks without the use of botnets. This kind of secretive vigilantism most definitely raises many important questions, even as th3j35t3r’s 9/11 hacks mark his steady descent into a world of pure terrorism. Such secrecy does not exactly scream “activist.”

While th3j35t3r may temporarily disrupt the communications of small Jihadist forums, he acts without the approval of the military. He can only be getting in the way of serious attempts at infiltration and espionage by real experts with real defense contracts. By making provocative military action completely outside the jurisdiction of America’s military, th3j35t3r is most definitely committing acts of terrorism. It is little wonder that so few military men support th3j35t3r. They know there is no place for vigilantism on the battlefield. Yet th3j35t3r, like many terrorists, works alone.

Th3j353t3r often targets web sites on shared hosting, such as Chronicle.SU, meaning his attacks cause collateral damage to innocent civilians. He razes entire virtual cities to silence a few extremists. This all amounts to another striking similarity between th3j35t3r and Jihadists. Th3j35t3r does not take any effort to minimize collateral damage.

Like the Jihadists, it is clear th3j35t3r’s favorite day for vigilante military action is 9/11. The line that separates him from the terrorists he attacks has grown increasingly thin, and to be honest, it’s surprising he has not been condemned by a military that is surely conducting serious business in the cybertheater. The final comparison between th3j35t3r and Jihadists is possibly the most profound. Where any sensible military acts only to achieve specific goals, terrorists like th3j35t3r and bin Laden only act to bring publicity to their cause. Th3j35t3r seeks to escalate military conflict just for fame. Real experts fight thanklessly and have no use for a jester prancing around the battlefield, begging for bitcoins.

15 comments to Th3j35t3r’s 9/11 terror spree

  • j35t3r

    if you strike me down, I’ll just become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

  • This jester character has to be a marketing firm working for jihadist groups. You couldn’t ask for better exposure of terrorist sites to one of their more nontraditional markets than jester’s twitter feed.

    It’s amazing how many so called patriots fall for this campaign and further propagate the spreading of this vile information published on these sites.

    True Americans should recognize this false flag operation for what it is and reject it before something serious happens as a result. Let’s stand together and get this scum removed from twitter

  • wtf

    even the national guard knows better than to pull the kind of stunts this jackass is doing.

  • Battalion? Nigga 10th mtn in the house.
    Fuck these fake ass soldier wannabes.

    Let’s get this army wide. Ya know what imma send it to my boy in the marines. You know how them devil dogs be.

    I just checked this honkie out on twitter. Tango Down LOL quit playin Call Of Duty

  • SFC Williams

    Apparently SGT Jones forwarded this article to the whole damn battalion.
    SGM White let me have an ear full already.

    This individual is the antithesis to our operations.
    Like the disabled soldier said below: If you want to help us you should enlist and fight the proper way with some sort of dignity.

    Everything I’ve seen thus far lends itself to being an enemy tactic to publish the names of terrorist organizations under the guise of American patriotism. If this isn’t the case, tactics need to seriously be reevaluated. Talking with a recruiter will get you squared away on a fulfilling military career.