American Pickers stars “come out of the closet”

american pickers 300x199 American Pickers stars come out of the closet


HOLLYWOOD-Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, stars of the History Channel’s American Pickers television show, have raised eyebrows in the past with their a-little-too-close relationship and outright disdain for stunning co-star Danielle Colby Cushman. On Monday, the pair “came out of the closet,” in the hopes that fans would understand their choice of sexuality.

Mostly, the Pickers have not been disappointed. Fans have started a campaign on Twitter under the hashtag #SupportPickers, and many members of the LBGQT activist movement have issued statements of support.

danielle 199x300 American Pickers stars come out of the closet

Of course they're gay.

Cushman, who is often taunted and belittled by the Pickers despite her staggering beauty and quick wit, said “I knew it all along, but never said anything because of their miserably fragile egos. I guess they’re stronger than I thought!”

Fritz, the submissive “bear” and megapowerbottom of the couple, has mostly “retreated into his oil can collection,” as rumors of a negative and unsupportive family have spread widely across the Internet. Wolfe, however, seems upbeat and optimistic, just like he always does on TV. Wolfe said, “We’re going to keep on picking, but if you hear a little more lisp when we’re trying to haggle with gays, you’ll know that we aren’t actually just pandering for better prices.”

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  • disgusted

    many of you are disgusting and this is why I hate people. it’s a stupid tv show and you all drool over it like you won the lotto. you wear a shirt everyday just because it came from those two geeks? you have issues. how can you not be judgemental these days when everyone thinks just because someone is on tv they are better then everyone else. it’s a stupid show- it requires zero talent. Nike laughs like a gay with a pole up his ass. these networks will put anything on tv now because they know idiots like you will watch it. so people that want good shows can’t find them anymore. I want real stuff like Criminal Minds, even Seinfeld although that’s now old and played out, but great when new, that was good stuff, took incredible talent to produce. this pickers shit is as lame as it gets. you people would watch a show about paint drying

  • Craigslist Bicycle Butt

    I made love to Frank after we met behind the bowling alley. Tossing his dingle-berry salad was the single most inspiring moment in my life.

    Never before have I ejaculated that much. In fact, I was able to top off one of his antique oil cans with my load he squeegeed out of his beard.

  • Anonymous

    I am done with that show. More media bullshit from libtards..

  • fuck all you close minded fucks who think your god. "AKA MOST of the south"

    those who believe that being gay is a choice and god damns people to he’ll for it, obviously don’t realize that they themselves are going to hell. One day I was thinking, hmm, why would god damn someone to hell, when he made it so that they love the same sex? People say, “oh, they have to avoid that temptation.” O.K. So, your basically saying your tempted to be gay and but you have to avoid it. personally think it’s gross to be gay, bu people like it, so whatever, good for them. I’m not going to ruin my day over knowing gay people are out there. I partially believe that te bible is filled with corruptions and lies, and I’m open for ideas on he whole “god” subject…. But why is it that god would give all these powers to people and visions and shit…. Why not now? And I’m pretty sure god has his own secrets and other shit that he just didn’t feel like writing in the bible, if there was a true one.

    Point being you don’t know shit, I don’t know shit, nobody knows shit about what they think thy know, so why go around being an ignorant asshole to people for no reason? Seriously, what makes you “god” and gives you the power to say what’s wrong and right? If they’re gay so what? But the Internet is open to everybody to do whatever they want, form fake articles for people to read, so it may be fake. NOBODY TRUELY FUCKING KNOWS.

  • Anonymouth

    Frank likes Mike’s pearl necklaces. Mike like Frank’s dirty sanchez and cleveland steamers. They starred in “two guys one cup.”