Kilgore Trout

In no way related to Theodore Sturgeon, Kilgore Trout is our resident Lord and Savior.

He has the face of angels, with a beard of angels and he is actually a celestial organism whose makeup is comprised of many millions of angels all working in perfect tandem so he can exist as one super-angel.

“Life is no way to treat an animal.”

–Trouticus 33:4-5

Trout grew up in a ghetto where strange men would come by and play their banjos in the square. Fascinated with their culture, he disappeared into the mountains with them where he resides to this day.Kilgore Trout

In the year 2009, he was found by journalists feeling no connection with the outside world, a world he said contains all the empathy in a hermit’s cave, so he uprooted once again to rattle his banjo in towns like Washington, D.C., Montana, and Star Wars.

Playing the blues through effects pedals, wah and distortion, Kilgore Trout created a new formula for American social revolution.

He is revered today as a truer embodiment of God than Allah himself.