Loki And The Hecktones

People in the street eatin' chicken & meat

Loki and the Hecktones are an underground street-beat jam-band with no grasp on reality whatsoever. Their lives consist mostly of “finding doses” and tripping shrooms, apologizing to people, and writing the occasional chronicle.SU article.

When articles happen, it is usually the accidental byproduct of a chemically-induced religious experience brought on after intense, nightmarish introspection. This is normally followed up by ego death and rambling, incoherent e-mails expressing love and distrust for chronicle.SU staffers.

The Hecktones have not been heard from since before Bonnaroo ’09, but they are presumed alive and well by their own definitions, which does not exclude the possibility that any one of them is dead. [citation needed]

Loki was last seen on the chronicle.SU arrest reports for simple possession and lying to a police officer. Bond was set at $4,500.