The Only True Conspiracy Theory

America now sees what the businessmen who financed the Tea Party intended: Dressed in powdered wigs and wearing red makeup that is actually gore, the Tea Party is shoveling babies into the ocean with pitchforks. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is gagging Lady Liberty with her gigantic strap-on while trying to save face by praising Al-Jazeera and Internet Freedom. Not only that, but the orchestra masters behind all this have invented some wacky ideas about 9/11 just to throw you off their trail. Why else would 9/11 theories be aired constantly on the “History” channel?

The Fascist plot for dominating America is now quite clear. The super rich have found the most extreme elements of the Republican Party and have created an Ultra-Nationalist cult promising Utopia. Their colluding counterparts on the Left have made a move to destroy the freedom of the press. They are in the midst of creating an information crisis that will be used to destroy all that is good about the internet. An overarching conspiracy by mega-rich Oligarchs who pull the strings is not just apparent, but glaringly and painfully obvious.

The Tea Party cult worships our founding fathers, mythical men who heroically wasted tea while badly costumed as Indians. They’ve been convinced by conniving liars that one day if they all work hard enough, America will still be the richest nation in the world and all the Mexicans will be gone. Well, to be fair, even the original Tea Party was a bunch of racists.

The Tea Party, these cult members, have been bused all over America to protest everything Barack Hussein Obama has done to hurt big business. The television airs the people waving signs, screaming out the trigger phrases, sending weak minds into conniptions of fear and hate followed by selfish pride and contempt. Off camera, among themselves, they foam at the mouth with racial epithets and theories about where Hussein was really born and the missing time when he secretly took his pilgrimage to Mecca.

Using this protest-propaganda hybrid, the ultra rich have planted puppets in many State Governments and are now doing loss management to help keep corporate profits increasing. The puppet Governors have created a false budget crisis. They repeat the bald lie that increasing taxes on corporations and the mega rich could only exacerbate economic problems. Such a lie is so base and ultimately pernicious that Tea Party government is in breach of its social contract. According to our founding fathers, this requires revolutionary action.

Wisconsin has denied collective bargaining rights to teachers and the Governor of Michigan has granted himself Hitler-like emergency powers to do whatever the fuck he wants. Hitler will fire elected officials and disband unions. Similar things are happening everywhere that the Tea Party has taken hold. Even the NFL is in the grips of this anti-union conspiracy.

But do not forget that this is not a conspiracy by a single party. Both the Republican and Democratic sides are being used by the mega rich Oligarchs to destroy American Liberty. Hillary Clinton uses her forked tongue to criminalize investigative journalism while praising the benefits of Internet Freedom. WikiLeaks and the script kiddies of Anonymous have been demonized by traditional left leaning media. These investigative journalists and activists of cyberspace have become too powerful too soon. The Hegemony is working on manufacturing a large enough crisis so that they can crack down and do as much damage to free speech as possible.

Obama should be the most ashamed man on the face of the Earth. Right now he is sitting in his testicle shaped office gently stroking his hard-won Nobel Peace Prize and trying to forget about all the death he owns in Afghanistan. He reminisces on when he authorized the torture of Bradley Manning in Quantico but doesn’t recall any promise to shut down Gitmo. The golden relief of Alfred Nobel stares back indifferently. By now, the world knows who made sure Obama won the prize. It’s a “nuke the world with impunity” badge. Obama is licensed to genocide.

The safeguards provided by the Constitution for the right to protest and the right to free press have been trampled upon by both the Right and the Left. They will crack down in Wisconsin and the protests will only grow exponentially. America will respond to its people like Libya did. The United States government has failed to preempt the effect of the internet and are now forced into a reactionary stance that is bound to fail.The Tea Party will be buried under the throngs of true protesters demanding liberty instead of politics. They will elect no more tyrants. Information will outlive Bradley Manning and Julian Assange.

America will renew its social contract with government by force if necessary!

Descent into Anonymous

Part 1-Lulz from Anons

Anonymous is the go to collective of hackers for media outlets that want to drum up fear for internet freedom. The weapon of choice for Anonymous is a distributed denial of service attack, also known as DDoS. DDoS works by overloading a web server to the point where it can no longer function for a few hours. Nothing about it is very threatening in reality.

I’m writing this in a public library, sick with paranoia that these preteens around me are Anons. They look like Anons. In Anonspeak an Anon is a member of Anonymous. Anons will deny they are a member of anything. This is just the base of the inside-out pyramid of contradictions that form the body of Anonymous ideology.

Anons are far above the lowly label of group. Anonymous prefers the self-gratifying label of ’hyper-consciousness.’ In truth, most Anons are a collection of sub-conscious slaves, sucked in by ingenious propaganda. Anonymous might be the latest development in bot net technology. A bot net is kind of like a large bank of computers that can be drawn upon for a DDoS attack. Hackers used to have to write computer viruses to create a bot net. Anonymous is like a bot net that is spread and maintained by viral ideology.

Anonymous is easy to get sucked into. I became obsessed myself. I don’t blame these kids for wanting to be activists, I understand that. Defiance is the appeal. Yet it doesn’t take a lot of insight to see that the true feature of an Anon is not activism or defiance. It is submission.

I’m an expert troll with over a decade of experience. In AnonSpeak a troll is a highly honorable position of power. A troll disconnects himself from all preconceived notions and creates a narrative that is designed to outrage others. Trolls feed off of lulz. Derived from the older acronym LOL, which means laughing out loud, lulz has a deeper connotation of self-satisfaction. I wrote a masterful opinion piece, every detail designed to outrage Anonymous and challenge as many of their ideologies as possible. I published it to AnonNews and traffic to my web site increased 50-fold overnight. It was cake. In AnonSpeak, cake is something that was just too damned easy.

If only I could have dropped it there. There were too many lulz to be had, too much cake for the eating. I had drawn myself into their twisted virtual world.

Part 2-Descent

My magnum opus of trolling art rocketed to the top of the list of least popular stories on AnonNews. The piece was entitled “Why Anonymous is completely irrelevant.” Among other things, I criticized AnonNews for putting up advertisements and using PayPal to take donations. Within a day, the ads were down. AnonNews began to accept donations through a different service, too. The commentary on AnonNews was the most delicious kind of troll food. They were “butthurt” to say the least. The lulz were more addictive than any drug I have ever taken. There was too much troll food for any single troll to eat. Some began eating the scraps, even adopting my pseudonym ‘Kilgore Trout’ when it suited them.

This public library computer lab is the type of place that Anons would congregate, in my imagination. There are the furtive whispers of children, defective fluorescent lights. The lightly clattering keys and snapping mice beat out a modern tribal rhythm that seems to be somehow perfectly in step with the disorganized light show. Insane thoughts have been planted in their heads, silently manipulating the vacillating children subjects into organized action.

I played my ego, speaking of my many talents and the cake that influence over them was. I even issued a press release to warn Anonymous how easy they were to hijack while taking credit for doing so. I was the lord king glutton of trolls, overfed and over read. I’ll even share my favorite piece of troll food. Some anon rightly accused me of pilfering from Vonnegut, and said that I did not live up to the name of Kilgore Trout. I still go into uncontrollable fits of laughter at the idea of not living up to Vonnegut’s alter ego, his exercise in brutal self deprecation.

I didn’t sleep, I missed work. When I did work I would break into hysterics, unable to stop laughing about how much power I had over these morons. It had all started out as a joke, but I could sense my influence, it was something tangible. I changed from a being of flesh and blood into a virtual body comprised of nothing but lulz. Every affectation and trait that defined the super hero “hyperconsciousness” these children had built their cult around invaded my being. I had become their own hideous reflection.

Part 3-Westboro Baptist

Westboro Baptist is a cult run by Fred Phelps that uses strategies similar to trolling so that it can sustain itself. They go to soldiers’ funerals and call everyone there a bunch of fag lovers. When the fists fly, they profit. Anonymous posted a press release promising DDoS attacks on the activists at Westboro Baptist shortly after my influence had risen. Westboro Baptist responded by posting their own press release on AnonNews. It said quite simply, “bring it on.”

I went on the warpath. These were my lulz, not Fred Phelps’.  I was in charge here, not some shitty church. I began to meddle with these children’s minds. I dropped my pseudonym. I was Anonymous, hyperconsciousness in the flesh. I spread rumors that Westboro Baptist Church had posted the threat themselves. I began to call anyone who disagreed a WBCfag and accused them of infiltrating Anonymous. Within a few hours, multiple press releases reflected this twisted version of reality and reinforced the point of view that had descended from my hegemony. All attacks were called off, and I celebrated my victory over Fred Phelps and Anonymous with a 40 oz. for me and all my friends.

Even then, I had continued to accept the idea that there were no leaders. Yet as someone who had found the method to exercise control over Anonymous, I began to see evidence of an invisible hand.

Despite the lack of support, Anonymous was insistent on attacking Westboro Baptist. A DDoS attack was impossible because I had scuttled the mass interest. Instead, a small group or individual gained root access to Westboro Baptist’s web servers and defaced them. All the power I had gained was gone as easily as it had come. Someone was surely pulling some strings from behind the scenes, employing a kind of virtual secret police to get the job done.

Part 4-The Hegemony Strikes Back

I know they’re going to come after me. The threats have been mounting. They’re going to deface my web site and publish all my e-mails and chat logs. I’m ready for it. If Anonymous was more grounded in reality, they would threaten to murder me.

Anonymous bears all the hallmarks of a totalitarian regime. First of these is the derisive labeling of enemies. Anons call me a namefag. Namefag is of course Anonspeak for enemy. The group of allies I have made are called moralfags. This is also Anonspeak for enemy. I pity these exploited young men that have been tricked into hatred.

Anons believe that anonymity protects them from the government. This is a fantasy. They also believe it can protect them from outsiders who would hijack their movement. What a joke! I committed my most vile acts of influence by assuming anonymity and abusing the nature of these weak young men. The hand that silently manipulates these kids knows that preaching anonymity, anarchy, and nihilism keeps them shackled with totality. It keeps out new ideas and new leaders. Their naivety is exploited just as in any totalitarian state.

Anonymous is manipulated by propaganda. Every press release is punctuated with the following mottoe:

We are Anonymous

We are legion

We do not forgive

We do not forget

Expect us.

Press releases appear criminal and intimidating. They use fiery language and incite anger. They make Anons feel part of something not only important, but bad ass. These kids go and tell girls at school that they are Anons in the hopes it will get them some action. Hell, it might even work. Oh, baby, won’t you wear that Guy Fawkes mask while we dry hump?

The insecurities and fantasies of Anons are also exploited. The pervasive use of ‘fag’ in Anonspeak plays on the young men’s uncomfortable sexuality. They are frustrated living in a world where adults control them, so they slip into a false reality. Here, Anonymous is a godlike super being that they can worship and be a part of. It is a kind of personality cult constructed around a hyperconsciousness that is lifted straight out of science fiction. These kids DDoS Egyptian government web sites and then take credit for the entire revolution. The propaganda compares Anons to protesters in the streets. They are fed the lie that one day Anonymous will bring freedom to everyone on Earth. It is a very pleasant fantasy.

Anonymous shows every sign of being manipulated by somebody. I know what kind of mind is behind Anonymous. It is the pet project of a genius with an unnatural ability to create viral ideas. He or she has carefully crafted Anonymous just to take it for a joyride. To this person, the power from Anonymous is its own end. Yet I would also consider the possibility that Anonymous has been carefully engineered by a government or multi-national corporation. To them, Anonymous is only a means to quicken the erosion of internet freedom, an imminent threat to their power.


What The Legion and Westboro Baptist Church have in common

  • Extremist views on the freedom of speech
  • Seek attention with the element of shock
  • Exclusive
  • Hateful
  • Self-Righteous
  • Excessive use of the word fag
  • Trolls till death
  • Homophobic

The Jester has taken credit for his fail of a false-flag attack on Westboro Baptist. Westboro Baptist and The Legion have buried the hatchet. The Legion is waiting for Westboro Baptist to figure out how to reboot their servers, so they can flood Westboro’s communications devices with praise for how they have “really shown those fags who’s boss.”

Anonymous – “Holy Lulz. +1!”

You know, I’ve read what Nate Phelps has to say about his father, Fred. It is no wonder that 31% of Fred Phelp’s children have fled. He beats his entire family into submission. There’s also the fact that Fred Phelps faps to one single thought, “Not only do I get to ruin your funeral, but now you have to pay me for it!” Seeing as he’s now weaker than those he once beat on, I don’t see why the rest of his kids even stick around. The old man’s crazy and must get in their way. The protests seem to be a kind of pointless slavery now that most marks have wised up, but the old bastard just won’t give up. Well, at least they’ll always have the faith to feed them.

Just for some kicks, here is what The Legion and Westboro Baptist Church don’t have in common.

  • The ability to use a computer
  • Foresight
  • Public support
  • A future
  • Education
  • Pragmatism

Now back to your regularly scheduled information cycle.

Why “Anonymous” is completely irrelevant

Anonymous refuses all definitions, yet a close look at their actions is all one needs to understand what they are all about. Anonymous is not a group of socially minded and technologically savvy internet users that want to change the world for the better. They are not a group at all. Instead, they are a loose federation of loud mouths and hackers who mostly want to make a buck or achieve the goal of inflating their selfish pride-albeit anonymously. In the most sophisticated achievement to date, Anonymous has managed to cripple and embarrass HBGary, a security firm that insulted Anons everywhere by infiltrating their IRC channel and figuring out the handles of those responsible for deployment of the LOIC. Not only is this attack childish, spiteful, and pointless, but it shows that Anonymous is most willing to use their potential for positive change instead for self-aggrandizing and meaningless pursuits.

As Iran continues to injure and kill protesters as in 2009, Anonymous continues to take down symbolic political targets on the web with their weakest tool, LOIC. The power of a symbol is in the attention it receives from the media and Anonymous has only been truly successful in these kind of attacks on Visa and Mastercard. It is hard to grasp and explain the Anonymous mindset because there are very few things that “Anons” have in common. Firstly, they are all internet users. Secondly, “Anons” choose to remain anonymous, but only in principle. The truth is that “Anons” assume the security of anonymity whether or not it truly applies.

I feel it is a wholly weak and pitiful trait of humankind that we must hide our identities to speak our mind or to take action. I believe anonymous is comprised of weaklings who take action in fear and would not do so if they did not believe they could get away with it anonymously. You are not brothers to protesters in the streets, you are cowards who sit behind computer screens and put your greatest efforts towards selfish pride instead of greater good. Hacktivist is too good of a term for Anons. That implies an ultimate purpose where there is obviously none.

Of all the facets of Anonymous, AnonNews is the most despicable. I’d challenge them to release their financial records but that’s not even necessary. Using PayPal, hated enemy of free speech, the owner takes donations and PayPal gets their dirty little share. Not only that, but they’ve gotten some cash from Military Recruiters. Yet no one seems to care about what amounts to blatant financial exploitation of the Anonymous phenomenon.

Anons are weak and pitiful for not holding AnonNews to account.

Anons are weak and pitiful for attacking HBGary when they could make a change that matters.

Anons are weak and pitiful for remaining anonymous.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
Expect us

Photoshopped to highlight what no one seems to pay attention to. See what I'm doing here?



The Dangers of Capital Thought in a New Millennium

By James K. Galloway

The United States Government is clamping down on personal freedoms through some kind of overarching groupthink injection pattern across favorable corporate media platforms and into the collective unconsciousness. It scares me in ways their extroverted propaganda campaign of fear can’t touch; the FOX News kind of shit, the decoys for what mind games are really at play. But I study it. The machine, that is. I prod at it, testing its features, habits, strengths and weaknesses, like those of an animal. Of ferocity and controlled power, of the naked Lady Liberty flexing her leg muscles like a gazelle as she pushes back against pressure from the front. When I write about the government, I feel as if I am both the hunter and the hunted.

I don’t trust governments or leaders. Too many people in this world suffer atrocities at the hands of governments and organized combat. We aren’t taught the whole truth in grade school, but nearly everyone is taught that people suffered after one man took dictatorial control of the German government in the 1930s and 40s. The mass media is panicking like it’s the Fifties and I feel like I should have been born in the Sixties. We’re plodding through an economy worse than the Seventies while Senior Executives party like it’s the Eighties. And I wish it was still the Nineties.

I learned how to write throughout the Nineties, taking notes from Ren ‘n Stimpy, Mad Magazine, and my mom’s old copies of Newsweek. Between 2000 and 2010, I learned that writing is my form and my place in the world. And now, in this foul year of our Lord, Twenty Eleven, I have learned without much doubt that I will be forced to use it to the best of my abilities to defend the civil rights of Americans, and indeed of all people across all lands, for they are compromised at every corner, shucked at every boundary, and permanently eroded with every lying breath of every justifiable abuse of the authorities granted to the people we pay to protect us – but at the behest, and with the permission of, our corporate overseers – are happy to chip away at the Constitution in exchange for a bit of job security, one nightstick blow to the head at a time.

Also in the Nineties, we were not in a “State of Emergency” like we are now, like Nazi Germany. The State of Emergency has been renewed every year since September 11, 2001, usurping checks and balances, giving the Head of State more control than we elected him into. Maybe Obama hasn’t used these powers, or abused them, and maybe he has. All we know for sure is that he renewed our State of Emergency, based on terrorist attacks that took place within a few hours almost ten years ago, and a handful of failed plots since then.

Since 1967, Egypt has been in a State of Emergency.

Yet, the people here do nothing. They look on as their neighbors are violated, as their friends and family are surveyed and arrested for conspiracy to commit capital thought. The few with the balls to stand in the way of injustice merely get their hands closed in the door jam. So darkness falls on those, too, who try to help, whose intentions are pure, lives totally organic, natural and human. The darkness eventually closes in on us all, when there are no more peace-loving reasonable-heads left between you and rubber bullets, riot batons, mace and tasers. We must all taste the failure of the 1960s and the failure of goodness to halt the war machine as it slowly diminished the joy of being alive. As our love for life is quietly destroyed off-air. Offline. Out of sight, and out of mind.

In the absence of backlash, society is obviously, painfully, wholly saturated with reality TV, smart phones and text messenger monsters, a combination ripe for the killing of dull beasts who don’t even know they’re being led to the slaughter. Moo, bay, get down on all fours or squirm on your back like a worm – come what may, your day is today. Caw, freak out and neigh. Ironically, you’ll find communication devices failed us, because in this moment you’ll realize what it truly means to scream out, and that you’ve forgotten how to speak out, or even talk loud.

How many girls must I call before they answer the phone instead of waiting for it to stop ringing only to text me right back? Try to shoot out a sext to your boyfriend fighting in Afghanistan about how happy you are to be an American, so righteous, and proud. So Free.

The Moment of Truth

Just as I contemplated the thought of black military boots stamping the pretty face of a military wife into hamburger meat, there were five hard knocks at the door. I went to the window to see what’s up. I was stunned to find two police officers standing on my front porch, hands at their pistols. I could see their guns were still holstered but against their thumbs, the clasps were already unbuttoned.

No time to do much else, I thought, but answer the door as they were already yelling out my name and threatening to come in. Saying they can hear me moving and to prepare to have my door kicked in. I answer the pounding, tying my robe as quickly as possible but still accidentally giving them a rare glimpse of my full-frontal nudity. I can tell it makes them uncomfortable but maybe aroused and who knows? Closet fags, maybe? At this point, I can only hope.

Without explanation they demanded to search my apartment. I, in turn, demanded a search warrant.

“Your neighbors called, complaining about loud music and said they heard a woman scream. Do you guys smell marijuana?” he asked the other meatheads. They looked at him without saying anything, and then turned back to me. Their eyes went cold and automatic, looking through me and not at me, into my dwelling, prowling for visual probable cause. Without hesitation, the taller man forced my door open while the other two puffed out their chests and brushed right on past me, making a beeline for my coffee table where a bag of weed sat between two magazines, one Mad and one Adbusters, with a pack of rolling papers on top.

“James Galloway, you’re under arrest for possession and distribution of marijuana.”

Knowing anything I said would likely be used against me, I stood silently as they handcuffed me and searched through everything I owned. They methodically began to make a pile of bongs, pipes, empty baggies of seeds and even my ashtray of stems on the coffee table. One bald-headed fuck picked up a picture of the lady I once thought that I loved, a picture of her sitting on the hood of my truck, hands tucked in her legs, black hair in a knot, cute eyes and crows feet, looking so happy, pure, so hot and sexy in that black bikini and supple with the dark green shine of late summer in her soul; and he looked at me, then back down at her. Looked back at me, and put it in his pocket.

As I watched the remarkable scene, memories flooded in, of those cool times I got to chill out and listen to Jimi Hendrix wail on the guitar, as my friends played harmonica to it, playing the banjo and laughing, as videogames and laptops and the weed went around. Times of joy and freedom of the mind, body and soul. Freedom to be who we were, doing what we do, writing, joking, tripping out and loving the whole experience.

I remembered speeches by famous people whose names I forgot, how they sold people the idea of marijuana legalization – even if the whole country is for it, it still needs to be sold. Even if we’re all buying it, there’s a pitchman still pushing it. Look over there, at the man with a gavel who still says no because he’s got a gun to his back and his family’s at risk and his phone has been tapped by Pharmaceutical bastards who use Mafia tactics and make sure the President laughs when you ask him, “So can we legalize it yet?” And I looked again at the pigs, servants of the alcohol industry and corporate America as a whole. I pled guilty on the spot of having spent my money on weed instead of plastic shit from Wal-Mart. And I put out my hands, so they could cuff me, so I could rot.

I stared into the grass of my front yard, in front of my white brick apartment building, studying closely a patch of dirt and a select few grass blades. It was so small and so peaceful. Lawless and pure. Too tiny to delegate, too insignificant to police. I thought, “Mom, what is this? I need you here now.”

From the all-telling beyond non-existence of Death, she spoke to my inner subconsciousness. Take pity on them. Do not fear the NSA Supercomputer, she said. It can see you, hear you, it might even one day sense you. But it can not know you. Only you, and your lover can know James Galloway. And maybe no one, even perhaps only you, ever will.

But you shall always be free, my son. Forever, free.

The sham that is

Anons everywhere, please take back your voice. AnonNews is running ads for Papa Johns Pizza. I wonder if they’re getting free pizzas delivered to their house. Is supporting corporate interests what you stand for? I have spoken with the creator of AnonNews about his web site and in the light of his actions he is a complete hypocrite.

It’s my personal opinion that the greatest majority of so-called “press releases” misrepresent Anons and destroy the image of Anonymous in a way that is reflected by the media. I feel that this is in fact more relevant than any press release so far, so I attempted to post it to AnonNews, being assured of the openness by the creator himself. This was a lie. Your holy freedom of speech is so sacred until someone speaks criticism. Who determined that my criticism is not relevant? I’m guessing it was the same person who I was critical of.

The truth is that I was CENSORED by – a sham web site that stands only for Papa John’s Pizza and the ideas of its moderators.

If Anonymous is a “hyperconsciousness” it lacks the ability to properly communicate, even as it takes down major web sites at the drop of a hat. I will repeat my appeal to AnonNews to at LEAST add the up/down vote system to press releases as it already does to outside news articles. This is only the first step to giving Anonymous a sophisticated voice that recognizes what a press release actually is: The most relevant information presented with the most accessible possible language. Threatening images that highlight every other word in red or rambling manifestos that quote Gene Simmons will not win Anonymous a place in history.

If you disagree, I am begging you to reassess the material currently on AnonNews. Pay special attention to the tone and the wording. Look at the complex vocabulary and ideas, the usage of terms that only Anons can use. Think about how this must look to someone who does not understand. Anonymous horrifies where it should inspire liberty. You’re far too busy trying to tell people they’re so wrong about you instead of seeing what is wrong with yourself and correcting it.

The civil disobedience that forms the body of Anonymous is remarkable. The reason why Anonymous has been maligned and attacked by media outlets is the fault of Anons and their refusal to communicate on the same level with nonAnons. Present yourself better, Anons, you are not criminals but THE new kind of protesters! Anonymous will be important to the history of the world if, and only if, Anons can better present their points of view.

A Digital Monument to the Freedom of Speech

Silence is not golden. It is red, white, and blue.

“You have the right to free speech, as long as you’re not dumb enough to actually use it.”

Joe Strummer

I have published my unvarnished opinion at every opportunity, a personal success I am usually proud of. In high school, I made friends with others who were like-minded and I networked our websites together. I felt like that wasn’t enough, and provided an open section allowing anyone to make anonymous comments. Within one week of doing this, I was threatened with a lawsuit and expulsion for anonymous statements I had published but not written myself. Aside from these empty threats, the school brought in a psychologist who read everything I wrote and questioned me about my drug and alcohol usage. Upon learning that I had never so much as had a drink of alcohol, she was unable to punish me with further counseling and praised my writing. Because of her evil reverse psychology and the other trauma imposed on me by the administration, I didn’t write my opinions like that again for several years. Today, I get a special rush from writing that only a few others can understand.

I can’t help but identify with Julian Assange, at least in a small way. WikiLeaks is enabling and encouraging the freedom of anonymous speech, which is dangerous to the natural balance of power and runs contrary to America’s cultural standards. I will never keep my mouth shut, even if the consequence is death.

You see, the freedom of speech is not just about being able to criticize the government or your high school. It’s a matter of self-expression, personal value, and the pursuit of happiness. Even the least likely of people are shackled with silence, it is our culture and our nature. I have made every effort to remove myself from that prison, to express that which I am told is better left unsaid. It has been nothing if not an alienating experience and I don’t claim any kind of victory. With the Chronicle I have pushed the limits of speech in a purposeful attempt to highlight this for the world. I’ve of course been accused of hatred, attention seeking, and insanity. To that I almost feel thankful. I would never deny my own humanity.

I like to think of the Chronicle as a digital monument to the freedom of speech. I can’t tell you what it all means, or if it means anything at all. I just know that when I use the word love, I’m the one who’s fucked in the head, I’m the one who’s scary.

Evil Empire

Let your voice be heard! Your civic duty is fulfilled and you can’t complain when they start dropping tear gas on your parade, even as you chant your support. You can take comfort in the fact that it’s not a daisy-cutter like they drop on the people who aren’t allowed to vote.

Voting is the greatest pillar of justice and equality. When you vote, you give your approval to whoever wins the election and whatever they do is in your name. Take pride in your vote for the government and all the great things it does for the world.

9/11 wasn’t an inside job, it was a blowjob. Sure, Clinton got more pleasure from his blowjob, but Bush got more approval. Now Obama’s ratcheted it up a notch and hoodwinked all the protesters with the promise of a little healthcare. Now you’re the one getting blown, and the government’s buying your Cialis and paying for the treatment when it blinds you. What goes on in Afghanistan is a state secret, but this is a modern age. If you really want to know what happens you can take a look at Wikileaks. Would it surprise you that civilians suffer more than Al-Qaeda or the Taliban? This is a state secret, but also a normal fact of war.

Silent consent is the kind of approval that allowed the holocaust to happen. Israel isn’t the end to all future holocausts. Zionism is a kind of holocaust revenge. Islam is the new Jew and Jews the new Hitler. If you’ve voted in the past few generations, this is what you’ve voted for. Holocaust. You voted for starving children in the Gaza strip and you voted for needless conflicts that serve the interests of multi-national corporations. They’d outsource your job to Mexico if they could find a way to get hot food served up to fat Americans from across the border.

This is your taxpayer money. This is the freedom you vote for. The education system I have voted for taught me that this was just deeply seated cultural differences between two religious groups. Life is good, but not in Gaza.

Spending billions of your taxes bolstering Israel’s military was never enough. Ruining Vietnam for generations was not enough. Overthrowing Saddam on false pretenses while Kim Jong cooked up a nuke didn’t impress me much. Russia took our peaceful precedent as an opportunity to invade Georgia. Afghanistan is history’s battlefield and it’s only appropritate we put our weight forward there now that all the cards are down. We set up a democratic government in Afghanistan only to see it turn to corruption. Is this a surprise? Surely the right to vote is the bulwark of liberty. Is it not?

Evil is necessary. Vote for it, you have no other choice.


A vote for the president is a vote wastedI don’t understand why people still vote.

Who honestly believes the president will do what he says and as a result goes in to punch his ticket?

Based on their track record of failing to keep promises, you would think logic dictates that, “If a presidential candidate says he will pull our troops out of [insert ongoing foreign war here], but extends their tours of duty once in office, then shouldn’t I vote for the guy who says he wants war forever, because that is what I don’t want, and it’s what he is promising?”

Shit. I think I just figured out how I’m going to vote in 2012. That is, if I vote, which I won’t, because voting is for tools.


Because when you vote, you become a tool of the state, not of Democracy; and not a strong, useful tool but something more like a bullshit-absorbent sponge that when squeezed, produces a vote for whatever filth you retain. When they teach you that “the system works” by showing how when the majority votes on a candidate, or an issue, laws and policies change, it matches superficial cause-and-effect logic, but the side effects are neither seen nor tested. The system works, sure, but not for you, me, or the American people, or the people of the world. The system you legitimize through the practice of voting (or not) serves only the rich and privileged who ensure the elite maintain power.

This includes statesmen, conglomerations, corporate America, and people you’ll never know exist who orchestrate conflict-of-interest nightmare deals between government agencies and massive, reality-altering corporations. The end result is a sort of reverse-socialism where our decisions are made for us not by the government as Corporate News might have you fear, but by corporate interests themselves. The government is virtually powerless when one considers the proto-oligarchy of Wal-Mart, Google, Lockheed-Martin, the pharmaceutical industry and petroleum companies whose leadership is not comprised only of Americans but extends to all countries, including America’s enemies, in a trend called globalization. They vaguely touch upon this in high schools but due to an increase in difficult questions have shaved this discussion back dramatically.

So when people vote, and the faces change around – and new portraits are slapped up on the television screen, I know nobody’s surprised that the end result is the same, but they still complain like it’s that individual’s fault. The modern President is no more a leader today than Rush Limbaugh. That’s why he goes on shows like The View and talks to women. The illusion of power comes with his presence. But the truly powerful, any thinking man knows, live and die in the shadows. And tell Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Sarah Palin, and General Patreus what to do.

So why do people vote? What I thought was funny in a tragic sort of way is how massive numbers of people came out to vote in the 2008 election. It was based on hope, or perhaps to ‘shake things up’ if they voted for Obama and old-fashioned common sense if you voted for McCain – that is, until Sarah Palin miracled his penis erect long enough to coerce the Vice President slot out of him with sex. And then everybody knew better. But now Americans are probably learning the sad truth about how neither Hope nor ideology can overcome the gauntlet of constituency and special interest groups a president is faced with during his first week in office.

“You can’t change that fucking policy! And you’ll owe me billions, if you do! Also, I guess you like having Michelle and the kids alive, right? I like ya, Barack. You shoot a straight line. So don’t fuck me here. Go out and flash that toothy grin of yours and get me paid before I put your balls on the shelf next to Kennedy’s skull fragment, motherfucker.”

So…ignorance, I have concluded, is why people vote. And yet, because they vote, they consider themselves to be informed, as if it takes knowledge or a certain degree of intellectual prowess to vote. Hardest part is overcoming the distrust of a voting machine, these days. These things can be programmed to get Proxima Centaurians elected. I think dogs make just as good voters, what with their gut instincts and all that. And people’s guts probably said, “Go with Obama. At least he’s smart and seems well-intentioned.” However, no amount of good intentions can erase the cold hard fact that we are at war with our own inflationary military industrial complex, to feed the need for War, and for oil to propagate the American Way – even though we’re still shooting at the brown people. We were on our way to war on the New Pipeline and people were screaming “bring the troops home.” It’s eerily quiet and suddenly Obama announced pulling combat troops out of Iraq and leaving an infrastructural force. But, the people were told to expect our troops to come home based on an empty promise, so falling in with the narrative, he provided that. Enjoy your Kandahar Province push, American citizens. Because it’s happening. We got troops preparing to pipe oil in from places you don’t dare imagine during your drive-time commute, and you call yourselves good Americans because you vote. What are you voting to receive? The sticker on your shirt? “I voted!” Checkmark. Get fucked.

Nowadays, we vote with our dollars. Stop spending money on pharmaceutical agents and you’ll see marijuana legalized. You’ll see LSD testing start back up to truly cure the depressed and mentally sick so you don’t have to watch your loved ones lurch around like doped up zombie shells to the beat of the pilltray. Vote against war by protesting en masse at the gas station. Let ‘em collapse. Nothing’s too big to fail, except the human race and the war machine will ensure that happens, on a long-enough time frame. Information is on the horizon that will destroy the need for current needs and probably your way of life. Get ready, voters. 38 liars just a month away. Another chance to feel good about yourselves. Another chance to respect these people because they’re good at putting money together and flashing a smile on TV. Another chance to destroy the human race, one action – or inaction – at a time; it makes no difference.


Fuck you is the name of this document.

If a solar flare hit the earth right now, scorching everything and everyone instantly – if I had the time, I would look to the sky and thank God for smoking this human virus.

It is directed at YOU.

You will not control my fucking thoughts any longer. You will not touch me. You will not know me.

I just sat in PISS. And I don’t give a fuck! Actually sitting in piss right now beats the hell out of what I have been doing for the last two and a half years.

so the reason we live is the reason we die and the reason we die is because there’s no better answer.

and the reason you cry is the reason you lie and you’re a socialite egomaniacal emotional cancer.

and the reasons for the sky is blue and all that you knew that grew and spew forth like volcanic disease

is to please your man, please him so well that you knew nothing more than his love you abused on his knees.

oh yeah you’re a worthless whore that knew nothing more than the blasted motherfucker who took you away

from your own inner pain for a short term gain of about a thousand micrometers of your soul’s dilution, per se.

Motherfucker can’t you see what you’re doing to me can’t you be what you claimed as natural as the grass and the trees.

The problem with having sex with strangers is that you don’t give a shit about their kids.

“Oh, you have kids? Fuck your kids.” Unlike normal kids, you learn to HATE the kids who belong to your pussy.

I fucked this broad who had kids and I was so god damn wasted that I thought, ‘FUCK THE CHILDREN’ – I was fucking wasted, but instead of tripping over her childrens’ toys in the dark, what did I do? I KICKED THAT SHIT OUT OF MY WAY because I’m better than your fucking accidents!

The President of the United States of America

I know this guy was fucking some broad with kids and the kid came in and slapped him on the ass while they were fucking. Kid didn’t know any better. My guy didn’t care. Nobody gave a fuck! That’s how inconsequential a kid really is. Kids are useless. So stop having them.

I am better than you, your mom, your worthless coke-sucking daddy and your child support checks from McDonald’s whose worth I shit into a toilet every day and wipe my ass with!

“What’s this child support all over my asshole? I better wipe more.”

Fuck is the best word ever. It’s better than your children’s father, it’s better than you, it’s better than Christmas.

Do you want to fuck?

Are you fucking kidding me?

Well some fucking body’s gotta fuck you, who’s the fuck?

Fuck that guy!

Retarded people is who I’m talking about. Retarded people are better than you, better than you wasting your fucking time, wasting mine, wasting our money and efforts. Do you know what alcohol even does to you? Motherfucker, you’re going to get cancer and die, just like all of us. We’re all gonna die! DONT’ YOU FUCKING GET THAT!? WE ARE ALL GOIGN TO DIE~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And when you are standing there, with the belt around your neck, hanging from the rafters – prison cells shouldn’t have rafters, but this one does – and you’re thinking about all the reasons you’re about to end your life, even though “there’s no reason to end a life,” and you happen to think about this sentence of torn logic, between necessity, fate, self-loathing, regret, self-destruction, shitting your pants when you die, and all the good you can do for humanity, even after you’ve raped, killed a cop, smoked pure PCP to the dome on top of a head full of liquored-up acid, then turned around and taught inner-city kids how to read because you’re a god damn superhero; just remember – Elf Wax Times don’t give a fuck about you, your ambitions, your dreams, or your inner peace or your god damn adventurous spirit, the fact you ran down old people in your car, married a whore, and now you’re single and got nothing, nobody to turn to, a family that hates you and friends who don’t know you – just remember – this one thing, before you hang yourself like the scum-sucking worm that you are. remember this: you are nothing.

FUCK YOU. Hang yourself. Do it, you miserable piece of shit. Nobody wants you.

Nobody needs you.

The world is better off without you. In fact, if there’s a quicker way to die than hanging yourself, DO IT. Got a gun? Excellent. Use it, pussy bitch. Point that motherfucker straight into your temple and pull the trigger – or don’t you have a pair of balls worth fuckign with? Don’t you have shit but a gun? Then pretend like that gun is a dick and SUCK A BULLET THROUGH IT. PULL THE FUCKING TRIGGER ‘CAUSE NOBODY WANTS YOU. NOBODY NEEDS YOU. SPEND A BULLET, SAVE A DOLLAR, AND SAVE THE FUCKING WORLD. YOU ARE A VIRUS.


This has been brought to you by our sponsor: FUCK YOU, BITCH.

=======another hit later===========

(12:43:41 AM) fellinlovewithtwilight: What?
(12:43:44 AM) judasaddiction: Yeah
(12:43:45 AM) judasaddiction: I know
(12:44:50 AM) fellinlovewithtwilight: What are you talking about
(12:46:53 AM) fellinlovewithtwilight: ??
(12:47:06 AM) judasaddiction: I am talking about murdering somebody. You want to help me?
(12:48:24 AM) fellinlovewithtwilight: Hm I think I’ll pass
(12:49:44 AM) fellinlovewithtwilight: Who you gonna murder?
(12:50:02 AM) judasaddiction: I am murdering the general publis
(12:50:02 AM) judasaddiction: c]
(12:50:03 AM) judasaddiction: fa
(12:50:03 AM) judasaddiction: sf
(12:50:03 AM) judasaddiction: asdjf
(12:50:03 AM) judasaddiction: adsfads
(12:50:04 AM) judasaddiction: f’hiukjhkfyuck
(12:51:03 AM) fellinlovewithtwilight: Hm ok
(12:52:00 AM) fellinlovewithtwilight: Your scarring me
(12:51:53 AM) judasaddiction: good.
(12:51:58 AM) judasaddiction: you should be scared
(12:52:01 AM) judasaddiction: because I’m an evil motherfucker
(12:53:06 AM) fellinlovewithtwilight: Ok hm I think
(12:53:11 AM) fellinlovewithtwilight: I should go bye
(12:53:03 AM) judasaddiction: I think you should, too. Because you’re a wuss
(12:53:08 AM) judasaddiction: Get fucked and die
(12:53:58 AM) fellinlovewithtwilight: Yea bye
(12:53:52 AM) judasaddiction: crylight
(12:54:37 AM) fellinlovewithtwilight: Fuck off


fuck that bitch.


The world is a god damn lie. Existence is a fabrication. You are worthless. Your town, its artifacts, its people – all meaningless.

This Earth was created neither for you nor me nor God. We are all equally shit. We are all God. God is shit.

You are not going to win. There is no losing, but somehow you’ve found a way to come out on the bottom. You are scum. You believe in God’s miracle. You are a Christian, a Muslim, a fucking animal that simply can’t evolve to save its own dick.


YOU WILL BE EVOLVED OUT. Because like religion, you are no longer relevant.









you are not worth the weight of this hard-on.

Before you judge me, why don’t you take a look at your fucking self…?