U.S. State Department to “Troll” Terrorists

Borrowing a classic move from The Internet Chronicle, the U.S. State Department is funding an initiative dubbed “Viral Peace,” which aims to “troll” online extremists out of positions of respect and power.

Led by Shahed Amanullah, Viral Peace uses “logic, humor, satire, [and] religious arguments, not just to confront [extremists], but to undermine and demoralize them.”

Expert extremist troll Kilgore Trout was reached for comment.

These extremists, they’re all the same. They get up on their soapbox and say whatever it takes to get people over on their side, and the shit they say, it’s as stupid as it gets. In any zone where they can be challenged, they MUST be challenged, not because they are right or wrong, but because they are DUMB.

Insiders at the State Department revealed that this entire project was inspired by Kilgore Trout’s trolling of AnonNews.com, a site where dumbass 12-year-olds explained their own twisted, absurd and uninformed meanings for Anarchy and Anonymous.

Trout is recognized as the world’s leading expert in this field, and is currently seeking a high-paying job advising Viral Peace on proven strategies.  

ROMNEY USES COCAINE; American People to Romney Campaign: Go For The Nostrils!

DENVER, COLO. — Americans were excited today about reports deep within the bowels of the Romney campaign that the former Massachusetts governor is ready to go after President Obama’s use of marawana and cocaine as a teenager.

“I mean, this is a guy who admitted to cocaine use,” says a Romney adviser to Buzzfeed, “had a sweetheart deal with his house in Chicago, and was associated and worked with Rod Blagojevich to get Valerie Jarrett appointed to the Senate,” adding, “The bottom line is there’ll be counterattacks.”

President Obama has made a point of discussing his own history of using cocaine, which he refers to by its crass street name of “blow;” as well as his inhaling the vapours of the ever-popular devil weed itself. His popular autobiography, “The Audacity of Hope,” whose sales are his primary source of income — second only to “cash money” reportedly obtained selling automatic firearms to Mexican drug cartels — is a book basically about how the 44th president of the United States loved using drugs. President Obama has met desperate, repeated online pleas he legalize recreational cannabis use with guffaws and denials that he would act to liberate from a kyriarchy the American people, now arbitrarily incarcerated at rates unrivaled in the developed world.

Despite many reports, including out of Forbes magazine, that Portugal’s drug legalization policy has decimated that country’s drug abuse, Gil Kerlikowski, head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, has stated that legalization does not combat the ills of illicit drug use. And last month, before Congress, the head of the Drug Enforcement Agency, Michele Leonhart, reiterated her administration’s commitment to utter hysteria and lack of focus on a public health crisis.

Before finally admitting, after much pressure, that heroin was more addictive than cannabis, Ms. Leonhart first characterized the matter of whether heroin is worse for an individual’s health than cannabis as “subjective.” This admission followed deliberately dishonest exchanges with Democratic Representative Jared Polis of Colorado:

REPRESENTATIVE JARED POLIS (D-CO): Is crack [a street name for free-based cocaine - ed] worse for a person than marijuana?

MICHELE LEONHART: I believe all illegal drugs are bad.

REP. POLIS: Is methamphetamine worse for somebody’s health than marijuana?

MS. LEONHART: I don’t think any illegal drug is good for –

REP. POLIS: Is heroin worse for someone’s health than marijuana?

MS. LEONHART: Again, all [sic] the drugs, they are illegal.

The administration’s enforcement strategies square well with the Romney campaign’s assessment of the president pro-drug attitudes, the unmistakable products of hedonistic, if-it-feels-good-do-it ’60s culture. Meanwhile the deputy director of NORML, a shady druggie front group, longs for the good old days under President George Bush when Californian sludge distributors operating under the guise of “medical clinics” “helping people in pain” could operate with relative impunity, writing this week, “Many of California’s most prominent and well-respected medical cannabis dispensaries and related facilities — including Oaksterdam University, Berkeley Patients Group, and Harborside Health Center (HHC) — flourished under the George W. Bush administration. But they’ll be lucky to survive President Barack Obama’s first term.”

Medical health professionals consulted off-the-record by The Internet Chronicle speculate that President Obama’s laser obsession with his administration’s present drug enforcement strategies is likely the result of the delusion and vigor associated, they say, “unmistakably” with cocaine psychosis.

After bragging to high school students in December of 2007 about how cool drugs are, then Senator Obama became the focus of the popular prohibitionist scrutiny. Obama’s candor with students came on the heels of the leak of an audiotape of President George W. Bush citing a responsibility to America’s youth to prevaricate about his own drug use — not to protect his own career, of course, but to shield them from the enormous influence the president of the United States has had on American teenagers since the Founding Fathers.

Years ago the Romney campaign pounced on the opportunity to praise President Bush’s bold, private confession to smoking weed. Mr. Romney said then, “He said when he was young and irresponsible, he was young and irresponsible, and he left it at that. And I think that in order to leave the best possible example for our kids, we’re probably wisest not to talk about our own indiscretions in great detail.”

Mr. Romney’s strategy is “simple yet elegant,” says Political Science Professor Alan Abramowitz of Emory University, adding, “It allows the candidate to bask in the veneer of family values while remaining duplicitous about that bottle of Coca-Cola he is rumored to have enjoyed, covertly, while on missionary work in France on behalf of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

In Defense of Homosexuals

Having lived through the ’00s I’ve been exhausted with having to offer defense of a number of people who clearly don’t face any of the supposed self-control problems that have been leveled at them. All of the misgivings that people might launch at adulterers and philanderers have for one reason or another been leveled at a group of people who have sought nothing more than freedom of association. The moral traditions that decry homsexuality on account of its supposedly representing a poor moral choice miss the point entirely. Such moral dictates are blind to the biological realities that bind humans to their very existences, and we have every good reason to shun them. Some individuals’ being born without a definitive gender absolves homosexuals of any aspects of volition or free will, characteristics necessary to define sin in any context.


A Homosexual

The chief justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts himself, although appointed by the conservative Bush administration, invested part of his own pro bono, professional stake in defending a case called Lawrence vs. Texas, a piece of litigation that granted American humans the humble right to engage in consensual sexual acts with other adults within the confines of their own bedrooms. Lawrence involved a man who had a warrant issued for his cocaine possession. When Texas police officers burst into his home and found him engaged in anal sex, they used that as an excuse to take him into custody. That apprehension eventually made its way up to the land’s highest court, and eventually said court decided that Americans’ sexual lives were no longer the subjects of physical intervention by the federal government. This was the so-called controversy that spawned the Defense of Marriage Act, signed by President Bill Clinton; as well as the larger gay marriage debate that defined national politics, particularly for the first half of the previous decade.

Sin is defined by an individual making a choice he, she or “re” understands to be incorrect. Biological realities mitigate any such considerations about homosexuals. One out of 2,000 live births is hermaphroditic, thereby lacking any specific gender. More explicitly, considerations must lie on individuals who lack any specific gender’s definitive genitalia. Some individuals are born with elongated clitorises; others without total scrotal development, naturally homologous to the development of the labia, without complete testicular development. Stigmatizing these individuals is akin to offering a similar treatment to sufferers of other predispositions, including Down syndrome. To wit, socially conservative American politicians, such as Rick Santorum and Sarah Palin, have built entire careers on the shoulders of the compassion they indeed exhibit toward their differently abled children, a compassion they do not care to show toward the hermaphrodite. Because of their own deeply rooted sexual hang-ups, they have substituted what should be compassion with hatred.

The very existence of hermaphroditism is key to understanding the underlying, vicious evil of homophobia and inevitably all who roundly condemn homosexuals. This physically exterior diversity, common to the human species, must obviously mirror a multitude of internal hormonal landscapes, which naturally must escape the reproach of volition or accusations of “sin.”

US GOVERNMENT detaining anyone who calls them fascist

Accusatory reporters are being arrested to prove how fascist the government is not becoming

[Terrorist] arrested after criticizing [wonderful] things America is doing to [protect our freedom].

Washington– An executive decision passed down by United States President Barack Hussein Obama ordered the arrest of blog owners and activists who insist fascism is creeping in.

Widespread criticism of the Obama Administration appeared after the extrajudicial killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen in Yemen, and Obama’s decision to indefinitely detain American citizens thought to be in support of terrorist organizations such as the Taliban, chronicle.su, and Al Qaeda.

Chronicle.su political analysts believe the Presidency is nothing more than a facade to conceal the evils of unchecked corporate oligarchy. Mike Levitz, Lead Social Engineer behind chronicle.su, said because there is no social responsibility to match the ravenous spread of currency into politics, “America’s just resorting to fascism.”

In response, President Obama reportedly announced, “I’ll show them what fascism is.”

American organizations such as chronicle.su are being infiltrated by social engineers the likes of which Ronald Reagan and all his malls, and all their security guards could never imagine. Secret agents are sent out to determine the exact means by which they can classify undesirable entities, like Wikileaks or chronicle.su, as “terrorist” in the hopes of coercing Google to erase their appearances among search results.

Chronicle Lead Expert on nothing-in-particular Marty Collins disappeared with agents in dark suits Friday afternoon and failed to report back in Monday. He is presumed dead, or worse.

This message brought to you proudly by Lebal Drocer, Inc.
They will never take us alive.

Area Father Forced to Take His Belt Off

“I warned you I’d do this,” he said.

Richmond, Va. - Area father Mark Bialek, 44, removed his belt Tuesday after asking Tyler, his rambunctious five year old boy, not to touch that candy on the impulse rack of a local Kroger supermarket.

Area Father Forced to Take His Belt OffIgnoring his father’s demands, the child grabbed a fistful of animal crackers and ran full speed into a glass door, went into shock and collapsed in the floor.

Onlooker Stephen Meager compared it to the human equivalent of pigeons flying into library windows. “It was like he didn’t even know glass existed,” commented Meager.

The father, doubly enraged by his child’s insolence and resulting injury, unbuckled his belt and – with a pop of the wrist – had it off and folded over tightly in his right fist. Standing over his lame, quivering child, the father described likely changes the boy could expect in his physical and emotional state once the two found themselves alone, in the near future.

Conditions, Bialek said, are expected to transition rapidly from “a pussy fit” into “a blistered ass,” in the wake of remorseless vengeance for the perceived destruction of his golden years, hinging on his own prior assumptions that he had anymore human potential before he accidentally became a father than his iPhone 3 could already provide on its own.

Through bleary eyes, the beaten child’s mind processed his abuse as an uncharacteristic form of love, and relished the attention.

“That’s called tough love,” said Bialek, on his way out of the store. “The boy’s got to learn.”

Possible Breitbart Coroner Murder Like When Katrina vanden Heuvel and Jane Hamsher Argued about Vince Foster and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

LOS ANGELES – The fear generated by the death of a man Internet spectators thought could have been the coroner for recently deceased right-wing pundit Andrew Breitbart is evocative of when Firedoglake Publisher Jane Hamsher and The Nation Publisher Katrina famously argued about their respective coverages of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the death of Vince Foster.

One day in August of 2010, Nation Fellow Philip Weiss wrote an article accusing Firedoglake of ignoring issues of Palestine, claiming that Firedoglake was too bent to the will of Israeli ultra-nationalists.

Ms. Hamsher would respond, “FDL is 1 of the ONLY left blogs w/someone writing abt Palestine (Siun) & you’d have 2 be a f&^%king r#%ard not to Google that.” Added Ms. Hamsher, “So @KatrinaNation is paying Vince Foster conspiracy peddler @MondoWeiss to attack “professional left” now. @NationInstitute must be proud.”

Ms. Hamsher’s “professional left” comment was an allusion to a comment by then White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs derogating President Obama’s ideological critics in the press.

Philip Weiss is, at least as of April of last year was still writing for The Nation. He described his own frustration with journalistic colleagues who rejected him for failing to accept his conclusions, or lack thereof, regarding the death of Foster.

I wasn’t trusted to write about politics around that time. ‘You’re over-determined,’ one writer said with condescension. I thought I was just a reporter. And Joe Klein had said as much novelistically, in Primary Colors.

So I was grateful to Bill Clinton when he capped his Administration with an act of corruption, absolving Marc Rich, for all to see.

I was hugely grateful to both Clintons when they turned her campaign into an Ahabish pursuit of power, a race-a-thon, an impeachment-grudgematch, a mad grind for Bill’s redemption, and showed that they would do anything. Again: for all to see.

And I am now personally grateful to Hillary for exposing the violence and thuggery that exists at the cold black bottom of her politics, for all to see. Her wish-fulfillment statement about assassination reminds me of the night I got back from my first trip to Little Rock in 1996.

Hillary Clinton with Vince Foster

Hamsher would charge that keeping Weiss as a Nation fellow — in effect paying him to write –amounted to “intellectually lazy limousine liberal effete wankery.”  She would compare Mr. Weiss to extremist or at least disingenuous commenters at Firedoglake.

“Hey @KatrinaNation,” wrote Ms. Hamsher, “we banned some 9/11 trolls from our comments last week. You can have em 4 Nation Institute Fellows if u want.”

The comments section at the LA Times after the death of a supposed Breitbart coroner  evokes that 2010 discourse about The Nation’s coverage of the Foster death and Firedoglake’s Southwest Asian news coverage.

Russell Taylor wrote: “The quickest way to commit suicide? Know some dirt on the government, and even think about putting it out to the public.”

Another party compared the coroner’s death to that of deposed Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi: “I’ve been wondering as an aside what Khaddafi had on the US Government that led to him being double crossed the way he was, and WHY he did not plan for such an event by entrusting information with a secret 3rd party as ‘life insurance’

Mr. Taylor elaborated on his beliefs: “Ever notice that people investigating possible political crimes, either come up with no results from those investigation, or they quit breathing before announcing results.”

But it was by April 20th that the Los Angeles coroner’s office had already issued a report — a report, if not a final report — announcing that the conservative blogger had died of hardened arteries.

Also at the LA times, user “Obama EATS DOGS” wrote:

Obama Death Toll (so far)….. 3 gay choir members at Trinity Church in Chicago, where Obama attended Rev Wright’s sermons for twenty years. Plus one Kam Kuwata (Democrat Strategist and Dianne Feinstein best friend) who went missing and was found 2 weeks later, dead inside his Venice Beach home. Plus Andrew Breitbart who died “of natural causes” in LA. And NOW, the LA Coroner who (possibly) helped investigate Breitbart’s death gets poisoned to death with arsenic, the same week the Breitbart autopsy report is due for release!

Here at the Ulsterman Report is more on the theory that Kam Kuwata was assassinated.

Despite the fact that Vince Foster died in 1993, Eva Harper wrote:  “Don’t forget Vince Foster, friend to the Clintons who was killed during the 2008 campaign cycle…”

Mark Flaming, on Facebook, a self-described “Hebrew Slave at Offshore Oil/Natural Gas” found incredible claims that the coroner had died while amidst recreation. “Due to a hobby’?” he wrote. “What was his hobby? Eating poison? I think he knew more than the current administration thought was good for him (or them),” adding, “I wonder who’s going to fall over dead next? Probably whoever investigates his murder! Arsenic anyone?”

A 28th of April Facebook posting suggested Mr. Fleming may have possessed a deeper, abiding instinct regarding those of greater melanin content. Commenting on an Alabama killing alleged to be a race-based retaliation for the killing of Trayvon Martin, Mr. Fleming wrote on Facebook, “Blacks are the biggest and worst racists I know.”

Ray N Felitto III wrote:

The Trinity United choir leader was a man named Donald Young who happened to be and was also known in the Chicago ghettos and dem circles as Obama’s pre presidential gay lover or at least one of many. Even Young’s mother has confirmed all this as truth, but the media is of course AWOL even this time around. Just like they will be here. Also No coincidence. http://bit.ly/ctzVit

With respect to the dead choir members, “Ray N Felitto III” is referencing reporting done by the Globe, on display at rense.com; as well as the Wayne Madsen Report.


Is Tom Ryan th3j35t3r?

WASHINGTON – Security professional Tom Ryan, in an interview with The Internet Chronicle, said that he was not in fact cybercriminal th3j35t3r, as he had been accused of being in much rumor and Twitter gossip, which Mr. Ryan said had largely been driven by Anonymous leader Barrett Brown. Mr. Brown, a self-avowed leader of the group Anonymous, has received taunts from Tom Ryan’s Twitter account, taunts claiming that Mr. Brown is himself a federal informant.

With regards to specific Twitter linguistic similarities shared by both Mr. Ryan and th3j35t3r , similarities recently circulated documents have noted, Mr. Ryan said that, upon seeing the documents, “If you want to compare a lot of the people that have served in the military, you’ll probably see a lot of the same lingo.”

Mr. Ryan’s profile itself is rather high, speaking earlier this year at Fordham University in a lecture called “When Hackers Attack: Protecting Your Online Identity.”
“Do you think th3j35t3r’s in the military? Do you think this confirms it?” this reporter asked.
“Well, he has claimed to have been,” said Mr. Ryan.
“Right, of course,” I said.
“But since I don’t know who he or she is, I really don’t know,” said Mr. Ryan, as the hacker’s identity is only for convenience’s sake inferred masculine by this article.
Added Mr. Ryan, “I totally don’t agree with the whole jester’s ideology as far as [denial-of-service]’ing attacks and all.  And there’s a lot of things that’s said about [the dox’ings] that were purposely left out of that document because anybody that knows me knows that I’m totally against DOS’ing and [distributed denial-of-servicing]’ing because I think it’s stupid.”

A popular Pastebin document, one widely circulated, noted that Mr. Ryan and th3j35t3r shared similar ideological attributes, in their associations, which to some observers seemed to line up with what many assessed would be the profiles of individuals who would attack Taliban and jihadist websites. “th3j35t3r” has been accused of censoring – although he actually, through a link, simply modified copies of — North African media sources, and extrajudicially undermining the operative base of WikiLeaks’ servers. His website claims that he monitored anyone who screened a QR code, very typically with cellphones, in the process stripping their text message histories from their phones, as well as their Web histories and passwords, were they to be in his list of bad guys.

Mr. Ryan says, in response to the Pastebin, says he’s familiar with the allegations that he is th3j35t3r and that the allegations are “completely false.” By phone, Mr. Tom Ryan says that several linguistic similarities between his own Twitter account, @TomRyanBlog, and that of th3j35t3r were totally coincidental. He says that one incidence of “#tangodown” — a hurrah used by LulzSec and th3j35t3r  to indicate having taken down a website –was purely for an April Fool’s day joke, as he had tweeted only on the 1st of April. However, he had actually tweeted twice that day, one minute apart each time.

“And you turn around and you look at it,” said Mr. Ryan of the phrase, “and they use that comparison, but yet Anonymous IRC uses it all the time. They used it yesterday on the CIA.”

The only major underground source on major record hinting semi-definitively at th3j35t3r’s background as a “former defense operative with knowledge of Special Forces activities” who told The New York Times that th3j35t3r was formerly of Special Operations Command, raising questions about the possibility of th3j35t3r being an operative on the payroll of the federal government.

Parties of major interest in First Amendment cases became the recipients of attacks, namely the notably discriminatory Westboro Baptist Church, just as they had been under the thumb of adversarial, to th3j35t3r, hacktivist collective LulzSec. A group based primarily in the United Kingdom, LulzSec’s now all but arrested members have received Homeland Security Department scrutiny in recent months, as a model of the modern, disorganized mass cybersecurity threat. At the time LulzSec appeared to be free, to the public, “th3j35t3r” was obsessed with carrying out their unmaskings and claimed to have identified a member, Hector Monsegur, in November, while Mr. Monsegur was in reality already an FBI informant.

In his own lawless undermining of a Midwestern anti-homosexual group’s website, what finally set off th3j35t3r against that church, he wrote, was their celebration of the deaths of several homosexual U.S. service men. Only two months prior, in December, the controversy over “don’t ask, don’t tell” would become a congressional standoff in the House at the end of 2010.

“I draw the line in the sand . . . when they attempt to get in the face of the mourners of our military . . . their families,” wrote th3j35t3r during a Halloween Hacker Halted Conference, in Miami — also, claims Mr. Ryan, attended by himself. “th3j35t3r” would hint that he, too, had attended, tweeting photographs from that location.
Today, The Internet Chronicle received an email from an anonymous, unfamiliar source, one referring the outlet to an attachment, an atachment of screenshots sampled from a Twitter user named “Smedley Manning.” This username is clearly an allusion to Bradley Manning, a modern-day U.S. political prisoner, the most prolific leaker of state secrets; and Smedley Butler, at the time of World War I the most decorated soldier in national history, and the discoverer of a plot, he said, by domestic industrialists to overthrow the Roosevelt administration. “th3j35t3r” was the first of “Butler’s” 50-some followers on Twitter.

At this address, there is a rather lengthy, anonymous rumination on the meaning of the Tom Ryan and th3j35t3r writing similarities. Altogether it’s a very nitty-gritty breakdown on the kinds of reconnaissance and counterintelligence talents that Mr. Ryan brags that he possesses on his LinkedIn page.

So far, there’s nothing explicitly illegal or even, arguably, unethical in the hacker’s actions on QR codes on cellphones, says Security New Daily, as th3j35t3r’s software, they say, has only been listening to see how much information a social-networking app will give up.

CORRECTION: This article misattributed a claim to have attended the Hacker Halted conference. Indeed, as Mr. Ryan points out on Twitter, “I never said I went to Hacker Halted.” It was a reiteration of innuendo present in the so-called dox’ing of th3j35t3r:

Last year, TR and J both attended Hacker Halted in Miami and DEFCON in Nevada. Based on what we know of the pair’s political leanings and infosec knowledge, that alone automatically narrows them down to less than 5,000 possible suspects.


Inside the Expanding Panopticon: Covert Legal Interpretation and Mass Surveillance


Cuba’s defunct Presidio Modelo, the only  “panoptic” prison facility true to the vision of utilitarianism founder Jeremy Bentham

WASHINGTON – Government secrecy faced major public scrutiny this month, as a former National Security Agency mathematician’s claims to all-encompassing government surveillance did not line up with the NSA director’s public statements; and the American Civil Liberties Union found itself embroiled in controversies associated with what it contends are abuses of power by the executive branch, as well as local law enforcement.

Secret Patriot Act Interpretations

Last month the American Civil Liberties Union asked for clarification of the meaning of Section 215 of the Patriot Act. DailyKos Blogger Joan McCarter writes: “The provision in question, [Section] 215, allows the government to gain access to records of citizens’ activities being held by a third party. It gives the FBI the power to force doctors, libraries, bookstores, universities and internet service providers, for example, to turn over records on their clients or customers.”

In a March letter to the American Civil Liberties Union, FBI’s special counsel Paul Colborn said, “We have searched the [Office of Legal Counsel's] files and found two documents that are responsive to your request. We are withholding the documents pursuant to [Freedom of Information Act] Exemption Five, 5 U.S.C. § 552(b)(5). They are protected by the deliberative process privilege, and they are not appropriate for discretionary release.”

While the Obama administration feels that the public is entitled to an understanding of public law, its Department of Justice has said it does not feel that the public is entitled to a full understanding of its own interpretation of public law it enforces.

Alleged National Security Agency Surveillance of Virtually All Domestic Citizen Communications

A former senior NSA mathematician, William Binney, spoke to Democracy Now! this week and expounded upon claims he made to Wired magazine last month. Mr. Binney told Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. He said that “that [secret interpretation of Patriot Act Section 215] gives [the NSA] license to take all the commercially held data about us, which is exceedingly dangerous, because if you take that and put it into forms of graphing, which is building relationships or social networks for everybody, and then you watch it over time, you can build up knowledge about everyone in the country. And having that knowledge then allows them the ability to concoct all kinds of charges, if they want to target you.”

Asked Ms. Goodman, “Do you believe all emails, the government has copies of, in the United States?”

Mr. Binney said, “I would think – I believe they have most of them, yes.”

She said, “And you’re speaking from a position where you would know, considering your position in the National Security Agency.”

He replied, “Right. All they would have to do is put various Narus devices at various points along the network, at choke points or convergent points, where the network converges, and they could basically take down and have copies of most everything on the network.”

Narus is a subsidiary of Boeing that developed the NarusInsight, a computer system whose installation by AT&T in San Francisco generated a class-action lawsuit. The Electronic Frontier Foundation alleges that the telecommunications giant, using the NarusInsight, helped the NSA monitor practically all communication and relayed it to the NSA.

Last month’s Wired article, by James Bamford, relays Mr. Binney speaking of NSA monitoring techniques. “’How do you manage 20 terabytes of intercept a minute?’ he says. ‘The way we proposed was to distinguish between things you want and things you don’t want.’ Instead, he adds, ‘they’re storing everything they gather.’”

In April of 2006, former AT&T technician Mark Klein, who said he witnessed the application of NarusInsight in San Francisco, wrote in a public statement, “Despite what we are hearing, and considering the public track record of this administration, I simply do not believe their claims that the NSA’s spying program is really limited to foreign communications or is otherwise consistent with the NSA’s charter or with [the Foreign Intelligence Surveilance Act.] And unlike the controversy over targeted wiretaps of individuals’ phone calls, this potential spying appears to be applied wholesale to all sorts of internet communications of countless citizens.” As Wired acknowledges, the reason that Mr. Binney’s statements to the magazine are so important is because they are the first instance in which we have a statement from inside the NSA confirming Mr. Klein’s suspicions about Internet service provider NSA “black rooms,” the ambiguity of whose existence has become the linchpin for high-profile federal court litigation against the NSA.

An ongoing case against the NSA filed by another former AT&T employee, Carolyn Jewel, elicited one government response implying that Ms. Jewel is not associated with al-Qaeda, or a foreign terrorist organization associated with al-Qaeda, could pose a national security risk. In the brief, the government contends, “As the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) explained in his declaration asserting the state secrets privilege, the privilege extends to key evidence implicated by plaintiffs’ claims, such as whether plaintiffs themselves had been subjected to any surveillance of the type alleged in their complaints. Confirmation or denial of such claims would cause exceptionally grave harm to national security.” (In theory only al-Qaeda or al-Qaeda associates can be legally subject to warrantless surveillance of this alleged kind.) The brief asserts that denial of even specifically Ms. Jewel’s being monitored could “reasonably could be expected to harm the national security of the United States.”

Despite Ms. Jewel’s claims that practically every American faces extensive NSA surveillance, the Justice Department contends that the plaintiff’s claims to being almost certainly monitored, even were she correct, do not grant her the requisite standing to file suit, just as similar claims did not justify the first suit, Hepting v. NSA, associated with Mr. Klein’s claims about AT&T’s complicity in alleged illegal NSA activity. That activity, another court decided, was made retroactively legal by the 2008 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Added the government brief, Ms. Jewel is alleging “additional activities that go far beyond the acknowledged [Terrorist Surveillance Program] and that have never been confirmed or denied by the government.”

During its Binney segment, Democracy Now! played a clip from a House Armed Service Subcommittee hearing where the head of the NSA, Army General Keith Alexander, says “to conduct [the mass collection of citizen emails, cellphone conversations, Google searches, text messages, Amazon.com orders, and bank records]in the United States, it would have to go through a court order, and the court would have to authorize it. We are not authorized to do it, nor do we do it.”

Gen. Alexander’s statement, which he delivered to Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA), amounts to a denial of any extrajudicial monitoring of communications between citizens inside the United States. Additionally, Gen. Alexander’s denials to Rep. Johnson appear to accomplish what the government’s response in the Jewel case does not seek to, namely to reveal “to foreign adversaries the channels of communication that may or may not be secure.” The testimony to the general public appears to indicate that most lines of communication are secure.

Asking for clarification in the course of Rep. Johnson’s questions, Gen. Alexander asks if a particular inquiry was referencing reporting by James “Bashford [sic].”

Extensive Extrajudicial Cellphone Tracking by Local Law Enforcement

This month the ACLU has reported on the extensive use of cellphone tracking by local police forces, often without judicial review. Telecommunications companies even charge police forces surveillance fees for making use of the extant tracking technology, installed in all modern cellphones, which is based on antenna location and not necessarily GPS.

In the 200 responses they received to their 380-department inquiry on tracking cellphones, the ACLU says, “only a tiny minority reported consistently obtaining a warrant and demonstrating probable cause to do so.”

Two weeks later after the ACLU’s proclamation, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) said in a hearing, “Such surveillance is neither limited to terrorist threats, or most importantly, subject to a warrant requirement or judicial review — a little bit too close to big brother for me,” adding a pledge to try to update the Electronic Communications Privacy Act to mitigate any local abuses.

VCU Earth Day goes off without a hitch, “marijuana major contributor,” explains anonymous

Earth Day protest at VCU

Police retake control of a VCU Earth Day protest Friday.

RICHMOND – Police were stationed in and around various Earth Day tents where, among celebratory tye die t-shirts, crappy artwork and hemp necklaces, small pipes were sold, a clear sign that the non-aggressive pot smoking community are somehow winning the war on drugs.

Tents were allowed, and musicians were allowed to play at the event as long as they agreed not to mention the #occupy movement. Some did, and were arrested for trespassing.

Arresting officer Leroy T. Roane said one man kicked, screamed and spat in the faces of VCU security who attempted to escort him off the premises. In response to the offender’s jeering, Roane replied, “I guess you can arrest an idea, if it is trespassing.”

Walker Reddington, a Senior at VCU School of Psychology, witnessed the incident and reached deep within her intellectual capacity to surmise a reaction when she said, “Most ideas trespass all the time.”

Reddington, who was high, said the smell of patchouli incense attracted her to the scene. “I’m pretty hungry, though, so I’ll probably leave,” she said, adding, “Also I don’t have any money.”

Some of the cheapest, lowest quality items available cost one dollar and proceeds went to plants, rocks and mother nature, for whom there is no practical use of currency.

Trees can’t spend money.

But Uncle Sam can.

Uncle Sam

dun bought the internet

Better Late Than Never! – The Internet Chronicle’s Tax-Day Tips for Tax Protesters

EAGER, ARIZ. – This tax day, the legacy of tax protesters still lives strong. And perhaps among the most famous Americans in their number was Bill Cooper, who now resides in a cemetery just off of 356 South Papago Street in Springerville, Ariz. Hanging in the area near Mr. Cooper is not much that Google Maps seems to want to comment on – a baseball diamond, a fenced in area to take a stroll – no webcam footage.

All that looks available of the area is a single Flickr user with geotracking on a digital single-lens reflex camera. That there is tax-dodging country.

How Not To Dodge Your Taxes


Here is  The Internet Chronicle’s guide to fearing the IRS, who is like Seal Team 6, but more omniscient.

  1. The heat will probably be really hyped up, even if you’re just really just a self-sufficient survivalist. You’re no more in the “militia” than Zimmerman is a “neighborhood watch enthusiast” like the liberal media down at Raw Story said he was.
  2. If it looks like refusing to pay you your taxes will cost you your life, anyway, make sure that you try to frame the feds for murder like that 2009  census worker who died of guilt.
  3. Don’t do as Ed and Elaine Brown did, those 2007 tax protesters who eventually had to peacefully take the fall. Don’t tell your local paper you don’t want to pay school and town property taxes because the “[the school and town] don’t provide me any services,” and so “I’m not going to contribute to them anymore.” This is a negative PR move. The self-interest will be too obvious. You need principles, principles, principles.
  4. When you’re fleeing to get back in your house like Mr. Cooper did, make sure you keep your hands in front of you. Any ambiguity about their placement might be a bad move. Before firing those final, lethal shots, law enforcement authorities said the host of shortwave’s “The Hour of the Time” fired at them, low, with his back to them.
  5. It turns out documentarian Aaron Russo was dead wrong, too, and Title 26 really does mean you have to file and perhaps pay net income taxes.
  6. Most Americans find it difficult to particularly closely associate Freemasonry with Zionism. If you’re going to Be Like Ed Brown and create an alternative historical narrative to support your all-important principle you’ll going to need to really hold out, you’ve got to make sure you can convince people of something not altogether intuitive. And fast. You’ve got to get the public on your side not too long after the feds finally turn off your electricity.
  7. If you want to Be Like Ed Brown, you might say : “The entire American government is fiction. We created it, didn’t we?” This statement might really throw a wrench in the gears of that negotiation scenario, considering that you might as well be arguing with a cartoon character.
  8. No matter how dire negotiations get, calling up Ruby Ridge’s Randy Weaver to add positive spin to your front-yard news conference is just an awful idea. It’s not going to help you hold out any longer or increase your food supplies. Again, it’s attention you just don’t want, no matter what a raw deal the Weavers got. How did Milton keep his job so long in Office Space? By speaking up?
  9. If you believe, as Bill Cooper once did, that the aliens are manipulating secret societies, there is no logical reason to fear the secret societies’ omniscience. Who knows, then, what kind of hair-brained excursions the aliens are actually sending the Freemasons or the Zionists on? And who knows why? Perhaps on your behalf?
  10. Be poor. Own as little as possible before you begin your tax strike. Not only will this delay that initial audit, but since, if poor, you only have a chance of receiving a refund by filing, absolutely no one will care that you broke the law and didn’t file. Because it lacks self-interest, the only protest the public will really care about is your turning down that refund!
  11. Finally off of the credit card grid, you will probably need to hunt for sustenance what you can’t manage to sneak through the standoff, so get a scoped Browning 03-06 to nail womp rats. Make sure you don’t put fancy rails on it because, in Bill Cooper’s case, the film “The Hour of Our Time” says the feds claimed to have confused that humble Browning with an AK-47.
  12. Again, as Ruby Ridge’s Randy Weaver can tell you, there is never a compelling reason to go outside, especially to lead that news conference.
  13. Make plans for a burial on a plot of land somewhere that can take mail. We’re not aware that Cooper’s grave can even take mail. Allowing those cards to rush in will at least allow your final resting place to become a shrine at an exponential rate.
  14. Until the 1913 insurpations of the 16th Amendment and the creation of the Federal Reserve are finally undone, contact the John Birch Society in order to be shielded in an Eric Rudolph-esque underground railroad.
  15. Get a guru. If you’re Ed and Elaine Brown, make it a Crumb-esque Mr. Natural type, like the Browns’ mysterious long-haired, robe-wearing “Sonny.” If you’re Mr. Cooper, and if you can’t settle with the guy who wrote “War Is A Racket,” make it the first secretary of defense, James Forrestal. According to “Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb,” a close friend of Mr. Forrestal “found him in his darkened and shuttered house that afternoon whispering of Communist, Zionist and White House conspiracy, floridly paranoid.” The friend “bustled him off to Florida for a rest, but when vacationing [Undersecretary of State and future Defense Secretary] Robert Lovett met his plane, joking about golfing, Forrestal told the Undersecretary of State, ‘Bob, they’re after me.’” Given how many superpatriots like Eugene McCarthy worshiped a guy like that, you’ll gain a lot more sympathy with the law-and-order crowd if you can associate as much as possible with you an ideological leader like that.
  16. As it were, the secretary of the Treasury keeps a list of “frivolous excuses” that they’ll come down harder on you for using because they know that you’re just trying to use the Amnesty International flood-them-with-paperwork tactic. Do not toy with the IRS. They will punish you more for stalling tactics. Yes, they know you weren’t named in all caps.
  17. Speaking of which, when the feds finally come to your door, have ready on your smartphone a copy of that video of Harry Reid saying that paying your income taxes is voluntary. No matter how wrong the majority leader from Nevada was, the feds will be hard-pressed to explicitly shout him down right now, even if he admits he’s wrong. As long as this ex-cop’s at the top of leadership, his erroneous claims may still be of some safe PR administrative stalling value.
  18. Make sure that your employer or employers have your address and zip code written correctly on your W-2s. But you really should have done that a while ago – not that any of this will matter because you’ll be turning in your forms blank.