Murdoch Sets Sights on Internet Chronicle

Rupert Murdoch looking evil as fuck

Business analysts predict the transaction could transfer majority control of The Internet Chronicle to News Corp, Murdoch’s multi-national, benevolent corporation. . . .

Chronicle Editor Caught With Pants Down


Hatesec’s male gaze once reportedly ruptured a young girl’s hymen

ASPEN, Colo. – The 9-1-1 call came shortly after five AM.

A pleading voice whimpered into the line, “He’s got his pants down… he’s got a bottle of lotion… he’s… he’s… Hatesec?”

The woman on the other end . . .

Soda Shaq Review Part III – MAN DRINKS WHOLE CAN


Old Brutus describes Soda Shaq as “a nutritious, all natural health soda offered exclusively by white-owned 7-Eleven stores.” . . .