Anonymous leadership squelches discussion of AT&T

Or AnonOps moderators ban the word ‘Sony’



Today, AnonOps came back online. I decided to pay them a visit. I attempted to discuss the most current Supreme Court case. It was about how AT&T forced users of their information network into a terrible contract. This contract forbids class action lawsuits. PSN users unknowingly agreed to a similar contract.

Here are some rules for AnonOps:

no leaders Anonymous leadership squelches discussion of AT&T

I entered Anonymous AnonOps IRC after reading these very clear rules. I went to #OperationPayback because they care about free speech. To me, collective lawsuits are an important part of free speech. They allow me to join up with other users of an information network and get my payback when that information network has done me wrong. AT&T has faced a collective lawsuit for charging people a fee for nothing. Because of this Supreme Court ruling, that collective lawsuit is no longer valid. The lawsuit against Sony may be invalid also. It’s just too bad everyone who used AT&T agreed to terms of service that said they couldn’t sue AT&T. As if they had a choice! AT&T is about to buy T-Mobile. You’ll be able to pick between Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. Do you think any of them will let you sue? I wanted to see what Anonymous #OperationPayback had to say.

squelch out att Anonymous leadership squelches discussion of AT&TDon’t be too quick to judge this. I know I called Tony_The_Tiger a fucking cunt ass. He’s a bot and had it coming. I was later informed that I was banned for saying the word Sony and that Nessuno, the moderator, was very upset with me. This was simply because too many “Sonyfags” had flooded their channel complaining about how they didn’t like what Anonymous AnonOps had done. According to Anonymous someone, “fag” is a term of endearment among Anons. I have begun to think that “Sonyfag” isn’t a term of endearment at all. In fact, I think that Anonymous someone actually means to put a negative connotation onto homosexuality. Oh dear, how shocking. I thought anyone could join AnonOps Anonymous, but now I realize that “Sonyfags” aren’t even allowed to speak their opinions. I quickly reported this freedom of speech problem to #AnonNews. Perhaps I shouldn’t have expected a higher level of freedom from a news outlet.

threatnonimous Anonymous leadership squelches discussion of AT&T

Well, I guess Nessuno is running the show. No “Sonyfags” allowed. In fact, no one who says anything Anonymous Nessuno doesn’t want to hear. I’ll admit it. I’m mildly butthurt that you’d say no one listens to me anymore. Only because I think you’re wrong, Nessuno. In the past week I’ve been called a representative of Anonymous by CNET. And I was defending AnonOps Anonymous, not controlling them! On top of that, I’ve even provided the valuable service of calling for a class-action suit against Sony the day before it was filed. This lawsuit will be associated with the name AnonOps Anonymous forever. I know Anonymous AnonOps doesn’t care about getting good press, but I care. You’re welcome, Nessuno Anonymous.

Thanks to Sony’s terms of anal rape and the precedent reached in the Supreme Court on AT&T, the lawsuit may fail. But you don’t care, Anonymous Nessuno. You’d just rather not have someone come around criticizing you for controlling speech. I heard you’re raging mad. So sorry.

After being banned so quickly from #OperationPayback and #AnonNews, I had a nice chat with a fellow who goes by e. He made a few veiled threats about censoring the Chronicle, but I believe they were all in good humor. I got the impression that among AnonOps mods, not everyone is into guys like Nessuno. Oops…

In conclusion, if “Sonyfags” want to join AnonOps, why ban them? Let them create anti-anonymous operations. I’m sure they’ll do fine. There certainly isn’t a leadership that keeps AnonOps Anonymous on any particular track. That much is clear.

I poke fun at Anonymous. Okay, I viciously lie about Anonymous. But what’s wrong with that? It’s all in good fun. I also viciously lie to take down the enemies of Anonymous. I honestly feel like AnonOps OperationPayback Nessuno Anonymous has done a lot of great things and has more in store.

facefawkes Anonymous leadership squelches discussion of AT&T

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