The sham that is

Anons everywhere, please take back your voice. AnonNews is running ads for Papa Johns Pizza. I wonder if they’re getting free pizzas delivered to their house. Is supporting corporate interests what you stand for? I have spoken with the creator of AnonNews about his web site and in the light of his actions he is a complete hypocrite.

It’s my personal opinion that the greatest majority of so-called “press releases” misrepresent Anons and destroy the image of Anonymous in a way that is reflected by the media. I feel that this is in fact more relevant than any press release so far, so I attempted to post it to AnonNews, being assured of the openness by the creator himself. This was a lie. Your holy freedom of speech is so sacred until someone speaks criticism. Who determined that my criticism is not relevant? I’m guessing it was the same person who I was critical of.

The truth is that I was CENSORED by – a sham web site that stands only for Papa John’s Pizza and the ideas of its moderators.

If Anonymous is a “hyperconsciousness” it lacks the ability to properly communicate, even as it takes down major web sites at the drop of a hat. I will repeat my appeal to AnonNews to at LEAST add the up/down vote system to press releases as it already does to outside news articles. This is only the first step to giving Anonymous a sophisticated voice that recognizes what a press release actually is: The most relevant information presented with the most accessible possible language. Threatening images that highlight every other word in red or rambling manifestos that quote Gene Simmons will not win Anonymous a place in history.

If you disagree, I am begging you to reassess the material currently on AnonNews. Pay special attention to the tone and the wording. Look at the complex vocabulary and ideas, the usage of terms that only Anons can use. Think about how this must look to someone who does not understand. Anonymous horrifies where it should inspire liberty. You’re far too busy trying to tell people they’re so wrong about you instead of seeing what is wrong with yourself and correcting it.

The civil disobedience that forms the body of Anonymous is remarkable. The reason why Anonymous has been maligned and attacked by media outlets is the fault of Anons and their refusal to communicate on the same level with nonAnons. Present yourself better, Anons, you are not criminals but THE new kind of protesters! Anonymous will be important to the history of the world if, and only if, Anons can better present their points of view.

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  • aNaRCHY aL

    Of course the current modern media and pretty much anybody would want to go against anons everywhere, we are the next to take power of the world, I can’t blame you for not wanting to let go out of greed or whatever it may be. Anon is not a news organization, simply a public forum abiding laws that do not conflict with the common good, not the personal gain. One can be an anon, and like the jester, seperate one self and take action. Yes communication can always be inproved but give time, you’ll be surprised what happens next.

  • Georgeson Sucks

    Boy you changed your tune quick didn’t you

  • Anonymous

    Please just get over yourself, you are not writing anything close to being on par with these. Also, a manifesto is a statement of beliefs, a positive statement, (We believe in this + this + this +…). While your statement is just a criticism of anonnews (Anonnews should do this except for – this – this – this – …). There is a difference.

    • In all fairness to our writer, the manifesto he wrote is not seen here. In fact, I have never seen it, but what I do know is the proprietor of did in fact turn it down because it was “not a manifesto” and maybe it wasn’t, but not for the reasons stated by the proprietor.

      tl;dr lurk moar

  • anon is pretty cool,
    you critizism on the other hand is rather idiotic.

    also this website is on the “paranormal” side of reality it seems