Hacked Justin Bieber e-mails pressure girlfriend into abortion

bieberanal 187x300 Hacked Justin Bieber e mails pressure girlfriend into abortion

Our sources within SwagSec suggested that Gomez complained about forced anal sex in one hacked e-mail.

Early Tuesday morning, “cracktivist” group SwagSec released a pastebin of hacked e-mails between Justin Bieber and his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. In one e-mail, Gomez breaks the news to Bieber that she is pregnant. It appears that Gomez is also upset with the state of their relationship, and Bieber suggests they should “break up for real this time.” Bieber then instructs Gomez to kill the unborn baby.

“also u should probably look into getting a abortion if ur really pregnant” ~ Justin Bieber, in an alleged e-mail to Selena Gomez.

These e-mails seem to confirm the recent rumors of a breakup between the famous couple, and SwagSec suggested deeper sexual problems. It is likely that Bieber continually forced unprotected sex on Gomez, preferring to leave her with a self-satisfying ‘creampie’.

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    stupid people do stupid things them to are stupid so i would not be suprised :O lol

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    Dam… This Websuite is Messed up! They are lairs. Just like Poporatzie. Don’t Listen to what you find on the internet that is about a Famous person. Because the people that wrote these, ARE MESSED UP!