Supermarkets collect metadata with discount cards, says Snowden

supermarket surveillance 300x199 Supermarkets collect metadata with discount cards, says Snowden

Snowden has proved the insidious discount card programs at Supermarkets track your every move.

MOSCOW, Russia – New leaks by Edward Snowden, the whistleblower responsible for unveiling NSA surveillance programs, show that all “discount cards” offered by supermarkets are in fact used as part of a ubiquitous data collection and surveillance program.

“Every time you swipe that card to save a few measly cents,” said Snowden, via collect call, “they collect information on everything you purchase. They know what you eat and drink, and they know how you pay for it.”

Supermarkets fired back at Snowden, claiming that the data isn’t identified with individuals unless it poses a clear and present danger.

But Snowden provided evidence to The Internet Chronicle showing that that was clearly not the case. In documents obtained during his tenure as elite hacker for the NSA, Snowden uncovered a program to profile every individual, including images taken from supermarket video surveillance, which has been in place for decades.

“They watch you pick up every item and can compare it with metadata,” warned Snowden. “Everyone has a file, and I wouldn’t be surprised if shoplifters were prosecuted 10, 20 years down the line when it’s possible to analyze this data in more detail.”

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  • They’ve been collecting data for years. It goes on right under your nose and most people just completely ignore it.

  • Kpdavis

    I knew that was going … He is disclosing so much info … Ya know the guy has to know a lot more and is probably saving some really bad stuf in case his life becomes threatened which I am sure it already has ..
    If anything happens to him we know its all true .. I think he is a hero .. Why would he risk his life to this extreme for lies ?

  • Alex

    NO news, it´s happening since the barcode scanner was invented.Greetings from Chile.