TYLER BASS of The Elf Wax Times Live Reporting Team is at the anti-war protest rally in Washington, D.C. Here we are in front of the White House, where the march began. The protesters are currently marching from LaFayette to 16th. These pictures are extremely high-resolution. They are in descending order starting at the top and going down (sorry we were in a hurry).yes 300x199 PROTEST IN D.C.

An absurd caricature of a hippie.

march my son 300x199 PROTEST IN D.C.

tyler bass: anti-war march on Washington, D.C. March 20, 2010

Imperial March music plays in the background. It is rumored that Hamas has infiltrated the protest group and plans to bring down Democracy from the inside out. This is why the Public Works Department is fining the ANSWER Coalition into the ground.

marching banner 300x199 PROTEST IN D.C.

tyler bass: protesters en route to Halliburton

more marching banenrs 300x199 PROTEST IN D.C.

thousands of people march down the street

war isnt working 300x199 PROTEST IN D.C.

A drum circle settles the angry crowds.

big sign bigger buildings 300x199 PROTEST IN D.C.

this guy with the "kill the bill" sign was a Ron Paul supporter, and a 9/11 Truther who believes the World Trade Center was rigged with explosives and fell due to a controlled explosion and not the airplanes crashing into buildings

On the WTC, our reporter asked this man, who is a Ron Paul supporter and a 9/11 Truth Movement…advocate-guy, “Ron Paul said he doesn’t believe there were bombs in the World Trade Center.”

He responded, “[He has] to say that because he’s a politician.”

To which we asked, “Why are you going to vote for someone who’s just gonna lie to get elected?”

protest march 300x199 PROTEST IN D.C.

indict bush now 300x199 PROTEST IN D.C.

2 300x199 PROTEST IN D.C.

The Islamic holocaust.

1 300x199 PROTEST IN D.C.3 300x199 PROTEST IN D.C.41 300x199 PROTEST IN D.C.

111 300x199 PROTEST IN D.C.

Indict the previous president for what's happening now. It's all his fault.

10 300x199 PROTEST IN D.C.

recent 300x199 PROTEST IN D.C.

if you look closely, you can see Al Qaeda

Roughly five or six thousand people attended the protest rally to march.

A few people were arrested or detained. Earlier in the day, a group of people belonging to Iraq Veterans Against War (IVAW) tried to put down a mud stencil on the sidewalk. The police got mad about it and cited a statute under D.C. law that you can’t put out a mud stencil. Protesters were no longer allowed near that area.

Wayne Brauer and Matthieux Chiraux were detained. Cindy Sheehan was arrested for who knows how many times in a row. She’s planning to camp somewhere, too.

Nader showed up but would not speak to reporters. At least not Elf Wax reporters.

Ramsey Clark, Saddam Hussein’s attorney was present but also would not speak to us.

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