Violeta “Macarena” Rosu

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From the documentary Children Underground

Roanoke, Va.– It was six o’clock in the morning. I couldn’t sleep, so I put on a documentary. Still unable to sleep, I watched it.

It turns out after the fall of Communism, 20,000 Romanian children went homeless. Children Underground is a “hands-off” documentary focusing on about five of a larger group of children living in the subway system under Piata Victoriei.

As I watched the documentary, I fixated on one of the children, a teenager named Violeta Rosu, who was born in 1986, like me. She does not know her real name, and all her life has been called “Macarena” because it is her favorite song. All the children featured in the documentary were addicted to Aurolac paint, but Macarena was apparently the most addicted. She even replaced food with paint, because it made the hunger go away.

Macarena doesn’t know her name, and as of the making of this documentary, had not yet realized she, too, is born of a mother, like “normal” people.

As the sun came up, I stared out the window, reflecting on how tragically beautiful she is. Nobody will help her. No one will save her. I guess there are not enough rich horny men willing to scoop up the sob stories in Romania like there are here in America. So hey…I’ll take her. But, what can I do?

This documentary was shot in 2001. I assumed that because of her obvious weakness, subtle beauty, and exposure due to this documentary, someone must surely have helped her. In fact, someone did help a small boy from the same documentary. But the story is not as good for my dear friend Violeta “Macarena” Rosu since 2004. A social worker interviewed an incoherent Macarena in 2008, and reported she graduated to heroin and sleeps outdoors. [UPDATE: I GOT THE REPORTER TO ADMIT THIS IS A LIE - she met Macarena and reported she is addicted to heroin based only on her appearance and rumors] Regardless, at this stage to look in Violeta’s eyes is probably to confront a zombie – if her situation is that good. As of this year, she is presumed dead, or dying.

I am enraged by the filmmaker, Edet Belzberg, and even the social worker who found her two years ago and still did nothing for her, but instead for themselves, using this innocent girl to move up in their careers. I have been unable to shake Macarena from my memory. I think about her too often, and look at my own well-being with shame and guilt. I want to do something for her. I am disgusted that she may soon die.

It is against US Immigration laws to bring an addict into the country, especially just to help them survive. Should I have married her? Even if it meant she would die as my immigrant wife of a heroin overdose under my watch, at least she’d die in a warm bed, and not some cold, wet park bench.

I feel like there is nothing I can do. So I made this video, and now I sit here quietly, wondering if she is even alive.

I saw Piata Victoriei today. It’s cold and rainy.

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  • Temur

    Hi everyone! Just saw this documentary and as a filmmaker it has left an open soar in my heart. I want to help any of these children, not young adults — in any way that I can! Please email me if you have any updates on Macarona. Wow! WOW! WOW!!! What a beautiful journey! This is as real as it gets! Macarona, you are always in my thoughts.

  • Sharon

    I have been forever touched by this documenty and pray each night and day for the children underground.. My heart was very touched by the little boy in the video. I believe named Mihai I believe was 12 and his father beat him..Through all that he still kept his faith and what an adorable child, his want for schooling and a better life. I found myself wanting to take him home and keep him safe as for all the children. It truly broke my heart to see young children without food, a bed, home, a family.. God Bless all the children and if ever this young man reads this..I would say to him, Mihai you have forever changed my life and opened my heart. I am adopted myself here in the United States were children can not walk the streets alone without a home..I wish you th every best and i’d like to be your friend because I would like to share my experiance and hear more of yours, from the update I got I heard you graduated from a University oh I hope this to be true! God Bless all Children from the Underground…Truly concerned Sharon

    • Because of the film, Mihai was adopted. He’s in his early twenties and just graduated from University in Belgium. Look him up on Facebook! He loves talking to people.

      • joeiphoneapple

        Also dont forget that Ana’s little brother Marian is on Facebook, I friended him. There’s a picture in one of his albums of his visit to Disneyland in California when he was still young.

  • XST

    I dont understand how some of you joke about this kids…that is sad

  • Megan

    Stay off of here! You are sick in the head, it’s people like you I would and do protect my child from. What will become of your soul……I have a few ideas in mind. A child’s body is sacred, even these children! And if someone has not treated your body sacredly…I will pray for you. That you may never spread this hate to any other! You do deserve the same respect, and I wish I had been there to protect you.

    • Kilgoar

      Thank you for bringing your virulent homophobia to this save the Romanian drug children estrogen cesspool. That is all.

  • Janice

    I just watch the documentary i moved me so bad…i cryed ….i felt in my heart every time this kids got beaten….i pray to god that this kids are ok…save and sound….may god be with them and bless them…