Akon Dead at 38

Akon Akon Dead at 38

Akon, 38, died in his Atlanta home November 20, 2011.

Atlanta– Fans mourn the loss of Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam, the artist better known by the name ‘Akon,’ who died early Sunday morning at his home in Atlanta.

Akon was pronounced dead at 3:48 a.m. EST. Cause of death was listed as “Complications associated with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome,” or AIDS. He was 38.

Akon is survived by three ex-wives and six children.

Because no will was entered into the public record, Akon’s charity for underprivileged children in Africa, the Konfidence Foundation, will dissolve.

Remaining assets are to be turned over to DR (Congo) for future disbursement to nobody in particular.

Akon suffered in the wake of an incident at a 2007 concert in Trinidad and Tobago during which he simulated a sexual act onstage with a 15-year-old girl. When Akon realized what was happening, he instinctively “finished,” and left the girl onstage to deal with their imaginary pregnancy alone, in a puddle of shame and booming bass rhythms.

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  • WHO THE HELL MADE THIS SITE???He should go to hell!!!Akon is one of my favourite music artists..And,HE IS NOT DEAD!!!All those assholes thinking Akon is dead,should die…He is alive,healthy and is gonna make more music…LIVE ON THAT IDIOTIC INTERNET USERS!!

  • am from kenya

    I am telling yhu that akon is nut evun ded i promise yhu altho tupac may bey ded (rest in peace yo) i believ ths is a lie i tink da wurld iz all a lie yhu ppl shud bey careful wot yhu wish 4 man akon will cum 4 yhu and dash yhu off da stage like he did wit that kid back in 09 man luk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FPESUPCabY

  • Am from Nigeria

    I’m Amelia Nancy Th